Falling Red / Press

“You know, it used to be lonely out there, but we are this heavy-metal train coming through your town and finding more bands getting on our train and riding with us. We toured Europe with a bunch of groups, particularly one called Falling Red, and they f***ing rocked man.”

“The riffs are served with barbs and the hooks are ground glass in honey, marking them out as definite ones to watch - and watch out for!”

Paul Travers - Kerrang! Magazine

“There hasn't been a young band playing sleazy rock 'n' roll with such black-hearted purpose as UK upstarts Falling Red for many years. Snotty, slightly aloof and snarling with energy and hooks, this is one band who aren't merely selling a faded salute to glam history - this is their lifeblood, and they're among the best the UK has to offer.”

Steve Beebee - Kerrang! Magazine

“You’d have to be a bit dead in the head not to notice the electricity coursing through this packed venue this evening. Playing in Sauna like temperatures, the revivals newest hopefuls are, figuratively if not literally, on fire tonight. UK mob Falling Red are emerging as potential genre champions, and their venomous anthems are unleashed in a speeding flood of riffs & hooks. Their 30 minute blast of smeared eyeliner punk n roll is simply ace!.”

Steve Beebee - Kerrang! Magazine

"Wild Cumbrian four piece giving Sweden’s sleaze rockers a run for their dirty money”

AOR Magazine (Classic Rock)

"A British band to believe in.... Attitude, musicianship & some dazzling hooks"

Classic Rock Magazine

"Rock Gods in the making! ...the perfect soundtrack to cruising down the highway on a harley" "This is high octane sleaze rock at it's filthiest! The kind that dirt mongers Motley Crue would be proud of!", "Falling Red's gigs are already infamously energetic and unforgettable and their future is as big as their ballsy sing-alongs. Time to paint the town Red", "Think powering, thundering rock that was made for ladies n skimpy undies to gyrate to, men to rock out to and for large amounts of whiskey to be drunk to.", "Shake The Faith will remind you of why you fell in love with rock 'n' roll in the first place…" 4/5

Big Cheese Magazine

“Satanic Cumbrian bad boys Falling Red are a riotous four-piece with rock in their hearts and hell-raising on their minds.”

London Tourdates

"Falling Red were really getting into their stride, this is a band full of confidence and it shows, egging on the crowd at any opportunity to whipping up more of a frenzy for those who braved the dance floor"

Eno Magazine