Falling Blind / Press

“About the song "The Intent" I liked this song immediately! It came roaring out of the gate and >really never let up until it was over. I also thought the vocals were >delivered in a personal style that is very melodic and appealing, and >which meshed perfectly with the driving, relentless push of the music. >There were dynamic changes throughout the song which kept it >interesting, but they didn't stop the flow at all. There was also >sing-along potential in the "I thought I knew..." lines, and the lyrics >were relevant and believable. The musicianship was superior across the >board, and the production and mix were well-balanced, yet big and bold >which made the whole track sound professional. I think this is >radio-ready! Keep up the great work! You ROCK!”

"Comets is a window into the human method as pressures from the world pile onto your shoulders, and the hope that you must sustain to continue doing what you love. It is a soaring and contagious E.P. that will be pounding into my ears for months to come."

"I definitely suggest this album because they have what it takes!"

Punk Globe

"Falling Blind exhibits a high level of skill in regards to their playing ability and songwriting"

Stereo Killer

"They’re the epitome of what I look for in a rock band: meaningful lyrics, powerful vocals, and that ‘make you want to throw your hands in the air’ sound. These guys have such amazing talent and every song leaves me wanting more, more, more!"

Necole Greer - Listen To This

"It's the kind of music you don't just hear, but you feel. The sound is melodic and edgy. The lyrics are incredible... heart felt and easy to identify with, and the lead singer's voice is so smooth and powerful. Falling Blind is where it's at."

Gina Marie - Listen To This

“We bring the best music and Falling Blind is a great recommendation. Be sure to listen!"”

Vents Magazine

"Falling Blind is a high energy rock outfit that is born of what rock and roll was intended for. You won't be dissapointed!"

Brett Hestla, Dark New Day

"Melodic hard rock that you'll fall for"

Roctober Magazine

“This is the bands debut release and I am sure we'll be hearing more from this Seattle band.”

Punk Globe

“Falling Blind's self titled EP weaves the introspective song writing that drew me to Incubus with the musical stylings of Trapt.”

Blogs N Roses

"A straight ahead rock band with a talented vocalist, I have a feeling we'll be hearing more from them"

“Falling Blind is sure to find fans across the hard rock spectrum.”

Wildy's World

“Falling Blind deliver songs with raw melody, some forceful punches and spoon in up-tempo catchy guitar riffs along the way.”

LPM Voice