Fall & Bounce / Press

" (Fall and Bounce) had the crowd captivated with their take no prisoners brand of rock and roll.... A set that had people mesmerized... (It) was emphatic and magnificent"

"Fall & Bounce ... catching a pretty good buzz from 2012 debut album, as well as acclaimed live shows" ... "(they) bob and weave through multiple musical styles... The mash of influences is evident.." ... "Just over one year in, the band has garnered some impressive regional awards"

"On the rise... (they) bring a gritty mash of '70's rock,blues and funky grooves on their new album Knicknack Avalanche... "

“WINNERS! "BREAKTHROUGH BAND OF THE YEAR!" Providence Phoenix 2012 Music Awards”

"Fall and Bounce really go all over the map from bluesy guitar solos to crunchy guitar riffs to even folksier singer songwriter stuff. Hauck locks in the rhythm groove on the bass "

“Nominated "Song of the Year ~ Controlled Tension Time Bomb", "Vocalist of the Year", and "New Act of the Year" Limelight Awards 2012.”