Fake Babies / Press

“An album people will fuck to for years to come.”

“Fake Babies have real technical virtuosity and an overarching musicality that allows them to transcend the repetitious patterns that plague most electronic groups.”

“Best lyric of the week: “I keep my books in the sink.” Sexy, original, and delicious.”

“This week's video premiere comes from electro-psych quartet Fake Babies. The song, "LA," is from the band's forthcoming LP, We Started Blues, on Safety Meeting Records.”

"With one eye on creating hazy psychedelic soundshapes and the other on pinning said shapes to the floor four at a time with whumping crunk underpinnings, this Constitution State electro-crew creates the perfect soundtrack to cruising aimlessly after the afterparty, trying to find more trouble to get into. Standout tracks like “Sophisticated Thighs” roll out with a sleazy Iggy Pop vocal nuance, but then chop the mood up with glitchy tension in a way that both frustrates and titillates."

"Our New Haven chums Fake Babies have been putting in a lot of work these last few months. House parties, shows, and rumor has it a new EP or LP coming out on Safety Meeting soon. With the little time they have had on their hands they just dropped their first music video for the song "Sophisticated Thighs" .