Faith NY / Press

“Faith has already become one of the best sounding bands to be heard anywhere. Ms. Rosser is a fine songwriter with easily 6 or 7 monster hits just waiting to be labeled.”

Metro Exchange

“Faith deserves an underlit nightclub of their own as the only New York band who understands that psychedelia is more mood music than Roger Corman themes, their vibrant songs are just soulful enough to remind us Phoebe Snow could’ve been the real acid queen.”

Wif Stenger - New York Press

“For a soulful, far-reaching mélange of reggae, rock and just plain magic, you can’t do any better than Faith. ”

Time Out

“Even though its instrumentation is electric and its approach is rooted in rock ‘n’ soul, Faith has more in common with the emotive strength of Tracy Chapman or Joan Armatrading than, say, Mother’s Finest or the Bad Brains. At the heart of Faith’s sound is bassist/vocalist Felice Rosser, whose down-to-earth presence imbues Faith’s music with warm sensuality and emotion in every vocal line. - CMJ New Music Report”

James Lien - CMJ Music Report

“Bands run by women typically exude distinctive moods and ‘tudes, but none more subtly compelling than the Delphic aura given off by the tall and tan young lovely who straps on her ax to deliver tunes that are not rock, not funk, not r&b, so much as deeply soulful tone poems backed by multiculti dream pop.”

Carol Cooper - The Village Voice

“One of the most promising bands…the trio mixes hard rock, funk and reggae into exhilarating pop as its bassist, Felice Rosser, sings in a voice both plangent and wailing.”

The New York Times