Faithful Sinners / Press

“Faithful Sinners is a band that truly highlights the spirit of Pittsburgh. Keep an eye out for this group they are truly a sight to be seen.”

“Faithful Sinners soulfully combines the songwriting and singing of Erika June Christina Laing, who also plays the musical saw, and Zander Hendrickson, who plays acoustic guitar. We are excited to welcome this duo to the SLB airwaves!”

“Faithful Sinners were the receptionists of the night at Thunderbird Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, welcoming the wonderful crowd to the show and sawing us with their sound – I have seen the Buckhannon Mountain Fools play a washtub, but the Faithful Sinners set produced sounds with a handsaw. Fans were treated to not only good music, but the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game as well. In between songs audience member’s heads all checked the score in consistent, choreographed concordance.”