Faith & Scars / Press

“I can honestly say since I have been covering bands and photographers at TPU I have never seen someone make such a big IMPRESSION on the local music scene I love" ... "Faith & Scars has got to be the most talked about band in the world right now. Everyone is talking about them and for good reason.”

Brian Hatchell - The Pit Unsigned

“Made it back to the beach and my head is still racing. What a night! Blameshift was amazing. Tattermask was stellar, Fit For Rivals floored the crowd, A Light Divided was badass, oh and if you are wondering how did Faith And Scars do? They were THE buzz of the night! What do you get when you cross heart and soul with Faith And Scars? Music to your ears. I will back this group 150% any night of the week”

Michael Harris - HF Photography & Graphics

“Faith & Scars is about to knock down everything in their path. Watch out North Carolina! Can't wait to share the stage again!”

Dizzy Parker

“I honestly have to say that bands like FAITH&SCARS remind me daily of why I have such a strong love for music! Alyse’s vocals are amazing in “Nevermore” and then you get blown away with the duet of Roger (guitarist) and Alyse in “Safe To Say”. FAITH&SCARS come to us from the North Carolina area; members include: Alyse Zavala lead vocals, Roger Liverman guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and vocals, Matthew Faircloth bass & acoustic guitar, Mike Atticus guitars & Aaron Baker on drums! We have had the pleasure of interviewing this highly talented band on Rock Addict Radio and not only are they a killer band, they are also amazing people who have a lot of experience under their “belts”. Rock Addict Radio looks forward to hearing SO much more from them in the very near future! (hint hint)”

Renee Boyer - Rock Addict Radio

“The greatest thing about running The Pit Unsigned, is always being a part of the growth process of so many Unsigned Bands.You hear thousands of bands you like and even hundreds you love,but every once in awhile you just make a connection with a band.That is what happen to myself and many fans of TPU Magazine when I spotlighted Faith And Scars in the APRIL ISSUE.Rocking out of N.C. the band brings songs of life,hope and a belief that we can get through anything.Its infectious and leaves you with chills at times wanting more.I have never seen so many comment about a single band I have posted either in the magazine or on the page.Their songs are powerful,the music from the band has been perfected and with their sound they are creating an army of believers,just like me,THAT THIS BAND IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!”

Brian Hatchell - The Pit Unsigned

“Faith & Scars ... Chilled out music that hits into Booming Rock! ... Watch out for this band!”

Linda Parker - Neue Regal Radio