Fairy Bones / Press

“Few rock voices today can compare, of any gender.”

“Best Local Band 2015: Fairy Bones has nowhere to go but up.”

“To say they are busy would be an understatement, to say they are anything but talented would have you hanged in an uncivilized society.”

“Fairy Bones may be the most beloved band in Phoenix.”

"From Alice Cooper to the Gin Blossoms and Jimmy Eat World to Nate Reuss of fun., Arizona’s “local music” has a funny habit of becoming globally huge. You might want to keep that in mind while listening to Fairy Bones’ glorious full-length debut, Dramabot."

“If No Doubt hadn’t started out as big fans of Madness, they might have sounded like Fairy Bones by the time they got to Tragic Kingdom. Vocalist Chelsey Louise bounces all over their self-titled debut EP, but “Like Like,” the first single, distills their sharp edges into two thrilling minutes.”

“After it ends, the only logical thing to do is to hit repeat. In a world where there’s little original material left in music, The Fairy Bones EP restores faith that music can still be a beautiful, powerful and ultimately incredible thing.”