Fade To Oblivion / Press

“Fade to Oblivion is a very solid and powerful metal act with some great riffs and solos, decent bass lines really heavy but still creative drums and sick growls contrasted by clean vocals.”

“This is a great hardcore, metal band, of seasoned musicians who show appreciation to their fans, and seem to enjoy watching the other gigs of the night. This four-piece leans into it, and pounds you with hardcore music no matter what hour it is. FTO enjoys music, FTO loves music, FTO bleeds music. I would trust these gentlemen to give me any pointers on who's epic and who's a fail.”


Aaron Snyder - Oldschool Productions

“One word: Brutal. End of review. No, just kidding. Fade to Oblivion apparently has its reputation. Showing up to O'Sheckys to see them, I was talking with some of the regulars, and they said that FtO is almost too much for them, but talented. Needless to say, I was glad to have been there, to check them out. Blistering shredding on both guitars by Alex and Sam, Will pounding and driving his double-bass, and the David screaming and growling like nobody's business, the set indeed is almost too much for the regular crowd. Just when the music seems to be just too much, the singer would break into a melodious lyric, backed by a harmony, the beat being cut into half-tempo. And while your heart is starting to calm a bit, they start pounding your face with more pure metal... Read the rest of the article by clicking the URL! ”

“You guys are awesome!”

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