Fade to Blues / Press

“This record's greatest feat is it's intimacy: it feels like the band is an arm's length away, playing their hearts out on a local stage....if I walked into a bar and heard them playing, I'd stick around”

Tom Salitsky - Adirondack Daily Enterprise

““The song Luv Thang was very funky and cool, a great listen. Sounds like it belongs on a Tarantino soundtrack, between Little Green Bag and Stago Lee. Incredibly talented musicians, the music itself is very intricate and the vocals drip like honey on a hot day. Well done.” -Reverb Nation Crowd Review”

Stefan - Reverb Nation

“...As noted on their web site, the comparison of McCullough to Duane Allman and Ready to Stevie Ray Vaughan remains obvious. But the little touches they add to each others songs create something unique and beautiful. And let's not forget the trading of licks (right from the opening track, "The Worm Turns") and even all out cutting contests ("Goin Back to Texas"). A solo artist avoids crossing swords at any cost... McCullough sings in a deep voice cured with the just right amount of age, cigarettes, and tequila. He favors themes that contrast good and evil, happiness and despair, God and the Devil -- with little room for anything in between.... Ready, on the other hand, does not live in a black and white world. In "Free Man," he feels the pull of another woman and fights to stay true to his relationship. This R&B burner features Ready in a soft, understated, voice. Contrast that with "I Cried and Cried," a Muddy Waters type slow blues, where he roughs up the vocals...”