Factory Workers / Press

“the Kansas City based duo combined a love for present day electric blues acts like The Black Keys and Radio Moscow with flashes of past blues and rock greats RL Burnside, T-Model Ford, Junior Kimbrough, Son House and Captain Beefheart to produce a sound that is at times familiar yet unique in flavor.”

“Best of 2009: "The Factory Workers, Live at Davey’s Uptown"”

“Armed with a blues rock arsenal that draws from The Raconteurs, The Black Keys and even Led Zeppelin, Justin Brooks and Alheim Amador have people taking notice”

“the warm electric shock of a supercharged amp rattling across the concrete floor straight through the top of my skull…. Holy Skipping Moses! “Yes Virginia, rock ‘n’ roll does exist!” ”

“True to their moniker the Factory Workers are busy getting a job done -- the job of recording an album.”