Facinorous / Press

“Licensed to make your head explode! I’ve got to admit it: Speed, thrash, and death metal are not my favorite genres, so when I need to find out if a metal band is up to snuff, I turn to resident hesher Steve E. Miller, New Times’ intrepid photographer and speed metal freak. I toss him the Facinorous CD, he pops it in his CD player, slaps on the headphones, and for the next half an hour, I see his eyes roll back into his thrashing head. Then the earphones come off, and he throws me the CD and says, “This would be awesome if it was 1995." Since Miller wishes it was 1995 (the last time he got laid), that’s high praise indeed. Then he asks, “Where are they playing?” Camozzi’s in A-Town on Saturday, Feb. 11. “Oh, they’ll pack the place,” says Miller. “Facinorous has a cool groove to them, so people who are into metal are going to love them.” I can tell you the band is fast, tight, and sounds like they’re crawling up a chasm from the bowels of hell. In short, metal”

“Metal fans, prepare to have your clothes blown off! Clean off! This week, Central Coast metal heads will have several shows to choose from when Facinorous delivers three shows with a revolving cadre of fellow rockers. On Friday, Jan. 13, they’ll appear at Rippin Rehearsal in Nipomo with Warbringer, Altercation, Militant Civilian, and Eating Fear. Then on Wednesday, Jan. 18, they’ll play O’Sullivan’s in Santa Maria with Pathology, Halo of Gunfire, Depths of Chaos, and Full Metal Facemelt. Finally on Saturday, Feb. 11, they’ll be at Camozzi’s in Atascadero with Eviscerate and Depths of Chaos. If you feel the need for speed metal and thrash, these shows will deliver!”