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"With U2-esque instrumentation, collective cohesion, and introspective lyrics at the heart of their sound, Face The King have won over those audiences and amassed quite a following in the process."

"Harboring influences that include Kings of Leon, Radiohead, Silversun Pickups, 30 Seconds to Mars, Young the Giant and more; Face the King have the sound of a tightly knit, seasoned group that is built like a mosaic but, focused and thematic like a blended collage."

"Heart-pounding music that assaults your senses in all the right ways. The hairs on the back of your neck will stand up and pump their fists as you get lost from the opening notes of “You, Me & The SOUND. While they each have a distinct sound, they complement each other the way basil and oregano do in a good marinara sauce.”

“I admit; I’ve followed some bands around in my day. FACE THE KING is worthy of following, sitting outside the box office for hours, and meeting new groupies/boardies on their official website.”

"The Sound EP is as apt a title as one can get when naming an album, for the ideal scenario would be to experience this music in a live setting. While a $5.00 pair of plastic earbuds wouldn’t quite to do them justice, what matters is that you take the time and give Face The King a listen. Your ears and your heart will thank you."

"The Sound EP is a meticulously recorded four song record that plays great start to finish."

"The SOUND definitely leaves hope for what lies ahead. Face The King is ascending towards prominence with the tone they’ve set so far."

"Face the King’s exceptional drive and talent and strong relationship with fans has helped them to achieve so much so far, and they’re still working on new surprises."

"It’s rare to find a band that truly keeps a listener intrigued without having to overdo guitar riffs or auto-tune vocals, but Face The King have managed to do so - and anticipation builds to hear the band’s full length album."

"Face The King is an indie band with an arena ready sound. The band benefits from talented musicianship, something that's lost far too often in up-and-coming indie acts."

"The message of the band is like water, their fans like a fresh sponge anxious to be soaked with the themes that Zirlinger, Palumbo, DelVecchio and Dammacco convey."

"With a burning ambition to succeed and an unwavering loyalty to their fan base...[Face The King] are a great example for aspiring bands on how to get a break in the industry."

"I have had the opportunity to see both 30STM and U2 live, and I will say that Face the King definitely FELT like being at one of those shows (without the Bono sunglasses of course)."

"These guys are lightning bolts in sound and stage. They make me want to steal someone’s lighter and do the classic, flammable wave (long before cell phones were the cool thing)."

“If you’ve never heard Face The King, I’d prepare yourselves to get familiar with them in 2012. Already getting ready for the new year, Face The King has made a list of resolutions, a few of which include selling out Gramercy Theater, selling out an out-of-state show, finishing the “greatest record ever,” and landing a major label deal. If a band can do this in 2012, my money is on Face The King.”

“Sounding a bit like Bono fronting Radiohead...Their sound is polished and they have hooks in all the right places...I can easily picture them playing for a sea of people, guys with their girl on their shoulders, hands waving back and forth in the air, an occasional exposed breast. You get the picture.”

"Those familiar with early Radiohead tracks, particularly Pablo Honey’s “How Do You?” and “Blow Out”, remember a band that had the potential to become a band of somber introspection (which they later became) or of fervent intensity. “The Burning And The Falling Down” is what they’d have sounded like had they chose the latter."

"Some bands just capture the attention of the audience. The first time they played at The Room there wasn't a person in the building that wasn't paying attention. Their attention to every detail in their performance is refreshing. They care about their sound. They care about their audience. Their personalities are evidence of that. When they play The Garden... I will be in the Front Row"

“Face the King is an adventure waiting to be unleashed. The Burning and the Falling Down feature 5 tracks that take the listener on a voyage. As you listen your taken out of your reality and into the music. Face the King is an intense sonic experience that you will never forget.”

“ "Face The King is bringing Alt-Rock to the masses of NYC. In a short time (formed in 2009) Face The King has gained a loyal following based on their consistent growth and genuine emotion they put into each song they write and perform."”

"Take the best parts of your favorite local bands, The Mercurial and SEER, and combine them with the writing and talent of national heroes such as Muse, Kings Of Leon, and Radiohead, and you get Face The King and their atmospheric kick your ass rock n' roll."

"I have booked and watched thousands of up-and-coming rock bands in the Northeast over the last few years and Face the King is hands down, one of the best bands I have ever seen."

“New Face The King EP (The Burning & The Falling Down) is an endless car ride on a long melodic highway that will lead in several directions.”

Radio J - Aural Fix Radio

"Face the King is something else, something a bit darker...with a voice that sounds like Matthew Bellamy of Muse but grittier... Face the King does not sound like any other pop punk band on Long Island."

Mike Ferrari - Aural Fix

"Critical and fan raves have put the band into the upper echelon of arena acts."

“Fresh off their win at the New York Unsigned Band Festival is Face the King, an alternative hard rock band based on Long Island. Including former members of SEER and The Mercurial, in just under a year since it's creation, Face the King has become a force to be reckoned with. Heavy riffs, driving drum beats and multi-layered vocals creates the band's hard rocking sound, with a hauntingly ethereal quality to it.”

“The Music, absolutely incredible... blew me away. I haven't raved about a band to people in about 15 years... tonight... I gotta tell you... Face The King, Thumbs Up! The Place was packed, people put their hands together when asked to... Quite Impressive. I'd see them again tomorrow!”

“Face the King is a new amazing band straight out of Long Island, NY. This band has such a unique and amazing sound, not to mention a singer whos voice could rival Chris Cornell. These boys are onto something amazing and will be a force to be rekoned with in 2010”