“Rating: [7.5 / 10] Disco imaginative, weird and strange and mournful mechanical beauty. ”

“There’s a classic noise/punk vibe, that somehow sounds fresh & more inventive with each consecutive listen Featuring Brian’s ruthlessly pounding yet intricate trademark drumming, the songs were written around live improv sessions & shaped by guitar experimentation’s with shared moods or energy. There is a fierce intensity at work, an almost empyrean brutality that harnesses the calculated randomness of the performances around which the tracks were based. Not being familiar with Ron’s work, I’d say the guitar sounds like Boris or Swans (sped up) with harsh vocals, reminiscent of Big Black or the Jesus lizard. This does narrow down potential casual listeners, as this style of performance can be something of an ‘acquired taste’ but it compliments the remaining elements of the work perfectly & as a whole, borders on transcendent without descending into prog-rock-wankery territory. ”