Face Off / Press

"...Groovy guitars are the biggest eye-catcher, next to the crystal clear voice of Marja Kovacevic. Her voice has got the colour of Anneke van Giersbergen but it contains a little bit more power, and so does the music..."

Rita van Poorten, MetalMaidens.com

“The smoothness of Marija's voice almost amplifies the heaviness of the music”

Room 13

“This album is deceivingly addictive.”


“I get a heavier Tool feeling when I listen to this. Or a Paramore that has dropped all pop aspirations and gone all heavy metal on us.”

Anders Ekdahl - battlehelm.com

“...This one is for the heavy metal heads, you want your guitars loud and penetrating, this is for you. You want sounds to wake the dead, step right up...10/10”

Terry, Sonic Cathedral

"...Catchy voice and guitar riffs that sets you to the edge of plausible..."

Metal Female Voices

“...their music does not have that pop accent. Instead, there is a lot of weight in the sound of the band, starting with the guitar riffs...”

blog Arte Metal

“…Their songs, and the album itself has that certain dynamic and colour which is not so ordinary among the other bands of this genre…”

Branimir Lokner, TMM

“...Purposeful staccato-laden accents from the guitars, deep pulsating bass tones, and the call to arms vocal melodies in all the right places...”


“Face Off is a quite unique phenomenon on Serbian metal scene, the band that carries high quality of work in the near future.”


“...This album is worthy of a place in any Rock fan's album collection...”

Dave Smith - Ravenheart Music

“Face Off are a cut above the usual, they mix this soothing gothic vocal metal delivery with some impressive guitar riffs that are going to get your attention. A mix of heavy alternative and melodic metal.”


“Face Off have put together an excellent collection of tracks for their first album.”

339Metal Radio