Dana Isles and Facedown / Press

“You guys rocked it for God tonight! Awesome!”

Dez Childs

“I was jammin to your new CD this morning as I was getting ready for work. What an awesome start to my day!! Love you guys”

Christina Connor Marrocco

“You guys are awesome I love how the Lord uses you in His worship and Praise.... Love you guys and it was awesome coming together..... tonight was classic. God Bless talk to guyz soon. :) love you”

Sonia Rodriguez

“Just a shout out of support for some talented musicians and friends. Facedown! hope to play with you again in the near future!”

Divine Air

“Thank you for coming to the conquering cafe last night, I was so blessed and so was my family! May God expand your ministry for his kingdom!”

Debra Mazda

“Love your stuff - so fun to see/hear you so fired up for the Lord through your music! We'd love to stay in touch and will definitely be telling others about you! God Bless!”

Bobbie CoastalRise

“Facedown thank you so much for coming to Wilmington!!! You guy's really rocked the park!!!! That was awesome! Praying God's blessings on all of you for taking the time out and coming to Delaware for my city!!! Everyone enjoyed you so much and were asking where you guy's came from. Love you guy's and hope to see you soon!”

Donna Tidwell