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“After a few months of worrying whether he’d botched things permanently, Ellerman screwed up his courage and gave Kinnamon a call to see whether he’d given Ellerman’s music a listen. “Mike said he hadn’t heard anything he could use,” Ellerman says. “I asked if I could send him some other music, and he said, ‘Sure.’ ” Ellerman recorded a few new songs and sent them off, figuring that was that. A few months later, the call came that changed his life. “It was about 9 at night. I was kicking back, and the phone rang. It was Mike, saying he listened to the new songs and couldn’t stop playing one called ‘Too Far Gone,’ and he asked me to stop and see him next time I was in Nashville.” ”

“now in Nashville, Lyman is began to see his hard work pay off when he signed a publishing deal with Music Central Publishing in late 2007. “I finally found some folks that were interested,” says Lyman. “I’ve been extremely fortunate time and time again. I’ve had a lot of hard times as far as the music business goes.. For a long time, I knew what I wanted to do and I just stuck to it in spite of roadblocks, I just kept going.” ”

“When Lyman Ellerman sings “life is a wheel, let it roll, let it roll, let it roll,” you know he means it in his heart and soul. The song is the title track from a new CD recorded in Nashville last fall by Ellerman’s group”