Fabrockators / Press

“The Fabrockators are a rock fun-fest waiting to happen. The opening track, "Traveling", is a good representation of The Fabrockators' brand of rock and roll, which is a very southern sounding, bluesy vibe that lives on the edge. The song is about living out the dreams of every rock and roll band, and that is to be traveling the country rocking crowds everywhere. The song is really a good listen that draws you in and will have you singing along. I like this track a lot and sincerely believe that it would be a big hit on tour. Other awesome songs by The Fabrockators include: Hot Rod, Party You Give, and Got My Freedom. Combined, these tracks showcase the versatility of both the album and the band. Overall, Party You Give is a well oiled machine of an album that is just what the rock and roll doctor ordered. After spending an hour with this project, The Fabrockators' talent really began to shine through and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for great blues-rock music. ”