Fabio Mignola / Press

“This is truly a venture well undertaken and quite deserving. Smooth jazz with that refreshingly serious approach to excellence and clear definition.”

"I just checked out the songs you attached, and I am really impressed. You have a great sound!"

"…un jazz leggero con arrangiamenti orchestrali che sfociano in un sound elegante, melodico, ulteriormente valorizzato dal suo tocco vellutato alla chitarra."

"A cd to enjoy that is uplifting filled with great compositions and your very own virtuoso guitar playing... Play it often and enjoy a new discovery every time."

"Nicely and professionally sounding music, which will put you dreaming this way, too!"

"Mignola's guitar voice is smooth and full of talent."

"...you'll be completely swept away with Fabio's mastery of the guitar."

“Listening with a critical ear, this is a GREAT SMOOTH JAZZ CD from start to finish."”

“Fabio Mignola is a truly versatile guitarist. His instrument conveys the smallest nuances of the artist’s emotions. Fabio Mignola delights by his virtuoso style of guitar playing.”