F1rst Class Citizen / Press

“Although they have only been on the local Sacramento band scene for a short time, their presence has been huge. Once I did get the chance to hear their EP, “Naked and Famous”, which was released in July, I was hooked and I was even more amazed when I saw them live. The EP is to good for words while the chemistry and love they show for their craft when they are on stage together is one that is unmatched by any Sacramento band I have ever seen. -By Jamie Candelaria - Your Music Magazine - www.yourmusicmagazine.com”

“Keep a very close eye on the people in the picture - they are going to explode! — into your clubs, theaters, and concert halls. I am excited to introduce to you, F1rst Class Citizen. If all goes well for this band, and it should, I predict HUGENESS! I was lucky enough to be at their first live gig on Saturday night…funny thing is, you’d never know it was their first gig! This band has it all; incredible musicianship, great image, and unique, fun, and totally accessible music. Unless you absolutely abhor all types of rock music, you will find something you like in their lyrics, harmonies, and hooks. I love that they call their genre “sex rock”! It fits like perfectly worn-in jeans - Sexy, sexy, sexy! And I don’t just mean how they look; it’s about how they swagger, and play off of one another, and how the music makes you feel…ya know what I mean?! OH YEAH…like that! http://www.f1rstclasscitizen.com”

“‎***Concert Fan***-"I plan on being at as many shows as im able to make. FCC just took a fat shit on ALL underground bands. You've all started a new musical revolution. I'm playing my guitar again. Got new strings. You've inspired me to never stop evolving." ***Concert Fan***”

"This local super group of sorts formed out of five very different corners of the world and the paparazzi have been on their ass from day one of their inception. Xander, the pink hair evangelist, is on a mission to spread the FCC disease, Shawn, who's been caught more times with his pants down than Lindsay Lohan, Ryan who has a habit of romancing the sock, Lydia aka 'Lyd Vicious' not only does she sing and play guitar she also paints with her own blood, and trapped behind the drums for 15 years Whippo has escaped and is now ready to join society as a F1RST CLASS CITIZEN." -Mark Gilmore - 98 Rock

“This powerful supergroup would like to "thank" all of their paparazzi for the continued support and is excited to be nominated for the category of "Best Hard Rock"”