EZ Tiger / Press

"Everyone, it seems, loves the EZ Tiger sound, which lies somewhere near The Pixies or The Breeders..."

"The best song on the CD, Dancing for Dimes, has a menacing punk rhythm and a tasty guitar outro by DiGeorge. It demonstrates that EZ Tiger can turn up the heat and channel the Buzzcocks as convincingly as they can perform sweeter, more introspective material."

"EZ Tiger’s playful yet deliberately written songs are paradoxes: the tracks that are sweet and lush at certain points, are raw and driving at others. The album bears a potent energy that pops and soars... /// ...EZ Tiger seems to spin their own brand of wool that is delicately cultivated."

“Listed in Music Connections Top 100 Unsigned Bands, Dec. 2010.”

"...EZ Tiger's music is more Clash than Sex Pistols, in fact it's not all the far from power pop, albeit, with much rougher edges and more inventive arrangements. These songs have finesse and are accessible...plenty melodic enough to work on soundtracks or get a few TV placements."

“The self-titled debut album from EZ Tiger has everything one could want or expect from a rock album: infectious rhythms, excellent vocals (and backing vocals), interesting and moving lyrics. On top of it, this band has heart. This band doesn't hold back - in any area. They rock, but they also don't shy away from pop grooves. Tina DiGeorge (the lead singer and guitarist) has both power and vulnerability in her voice. Read more at Suite101: EZ Tiger: "EZ Tiger" (2010 release) CD Review http://www.suite101.com/content/ez-tiger-ez-tiger-2010-release-cd-review-a300905?sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4cc8a5e3b37592e3%2C0#ixzz13hNR3BA3”

"...the tunes were well crafted /// these women put on a good show /// EZ Tiger's music is incredibly enticing."