Eyes Set To Kill / Press

"A band worth watching"

Bear Frazer - Metal Edge Magazine

"Throughout the albums 12 tracks, Eyes Set to Kill attack the material with a focus and maturity that belies their age, showing an uncanny ability to use interesting parts just when things start to sound too by-the-numbers. They have a lot of weapons at their disposal, so things never get stale."


"Singer Alexia Rodriguez meshes together her guttural fits with angelic-minded vocals full of clarity, all the while manning control of the ax with great precision."


"Take the whole album in and realize that you are listening to the future of GOOD music."

"Eyes Set To Kill are like Beauty and the Beast."


"Sparkling melodic prowess and filthy screamo grind"

Alternative Press

"Tracks like “This Love You Breathe” and “Darling” are top contenders in sealing Set to Kill’s notoriety among screamo’s best of the unsigned bunch"

"These boys and girls are going to bleed onto the mainstream quite well with When Silence is Broken the Night is Torn. Their light and dark vocals leading their orchestra of hardcore filled influences will break them out in time."

"This trio of teenager from the Ahwatukee Foothills crafts surprisingly sophisticated metal hybrid compositions, mating male screamo vocals and chugging guitars with sweeping female vocal harmonies and touches of prog rock"

"I'd have to say this album is one of the best non-label records I have heard to date. Not a lot of bands can push this far in only less than 3 years, not to mention without a record label to back them up. Kudos! I give the album an 8.3/10."

Pure Grain Audio

"Just having female band members gets press and peeks peoples curiosity up but having an awesome record like they do to back it up is even better for them."