Eyes Like Cyanide / Press

“Without giving a chance for the attendees to take a deep breath, DJ Tim No 37 from No Mercy Metal welcomed Eyes Like Cyanide to the stage, who made a very strong statement through a crushing performance. There is no question in our minds, that they made every band that followed them step their game up for this very special night. We had never seen the band with their new vocalist Tracy Misery Gonzales, and she totally blew our minds up! The pipes on this young lady are up to par with any vocalist out there! Whoever says that you need balls in order to be able to brutally scream like a maniac, is in the wrong! ”

“Eyes Like Cyanide then proceeded to hit the stage like a Tasmanian Devil whipping out flying fretwork and brutally delivered death metal barks all with relentless headbanging and showmanship. These guys and girl are probably the most technically skilled out of the whole night, but as I’ve said before they just know how to perfectly blend that skill with amazingly catchy hooks and tunes.”

“It’s official: I love Eyes Like Cyanide. After seeing them yesterday at Fontana’s, I was upset with myself for taking them for granted for so long. It’s easy to sleep on local bands, especially in the NYC metal scene — after all, your friends are always playing nearby and you’re always getting a million Facebook invites to their shows, so you always feel like there will be other chances to see them. This kind of mindset is why I’ve only seen Eyes Like Cyanide twice, in the two-ish years I’ve known them. Readers, don’t be like me! Eyes Like Cyanide are a death metal band based in Brooklyn, and they’ve been around since 2006. Unlike most non-melo death metal bands, their style is anything but straightforward, and you can hear other subgenres (most notably hardcore and thrash) within their discography ”

“Eyes Like Cyanide just know how to rock out plain and simple. Again, this is another band just dripping with technical ability, but all the shredding and thrashing in no way takes away from their ability to just put on a visually striking performance. The whole band was just running back and forth, climbing on anything available, head banging like human Gumby’s”

“Eyes Like Cyanide will get any crowd moving with their intensity and passion. They are working day in and day out on creating something that is completely unique,..”