Eyes and Teeth / Press

“My computer went crazy. I just punched this robot in the face. Thank you for this wonderful Song. May the Rape be with You! 1982 bitch. Still illin' DUST 4 LIF3 N166A!!!”

“A surprisingly melodic and functional exploration. There is a strong force at work here. These snippets are multi-functional, economical and strong. I would love to see this work expanded upon by other Artists as the Creator desired. This is a brain factory for those willing to explore. Mr. Jaworski exhibits a strong melodic confidence and a solid grasp of tonal interplay. This is definitely warrants a heavy listening session. Preferably under the Stars and far, far away.”

“A very impressive debut. E & T demonstrates a good grasp of sound design, melody, drum programming, and sampling. 'Seduction' is a masterful blend of samples. 'Sonicize' is quite an impressive ouburst of raw and unrefined Id. This is a devilish witches brew of Electro, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal energy, Film Soundtrack frolics, and ambient noise. Good tonal control and sure to induce nightmares.”