Eye on Attraction / Press

“Some of the most renowned rock bands, who sell out stadiums, don’t necessarily give performances like these young men.”

“With influences ranging from Rush and Coheed and Cambria to Blink 182 and Yellowcard, the band prides themselves on being progressive but catchy and accessibly “crazy,” crafting each song to be unique and difficult to label with any one genre.”

“Not only do they know the songs inside and out, they don’t simply give rehearsed, monotonous performances. Refreshing from numerous bands who give bland shows, Mike, Andrew, Zach, and Joe give their viewers an experience.”

“They end powerfully with “16 Queens,” their most accessible pop-rock song with progressive undertones. “16 Queens” has that kind of rebellious youthful attitude that you remember from high school, yet more mature. It’s the kind of song you could imagine singing on a long road trip.”

“I enjoyed listening and dancing to all of their songs. I enjoyed their music and I had a wonderful time. I highly recommend them!”

Lindsey Wold - Direct Quote

“Saw them recently at the Vintage Theater October 30th. They headlined the show, and they were AWESOME. Highly recommend this band if you want skilled talent.”

“Eye on Attraction will debut the roughly 20-minute-long piece "Magic Is Might" tonight at a "Harry Potter" party and wizard rock concert at New Visions Studio & Gallery on Vine Street.”

“Eye on Attraction closed out the night, opening with a cover of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," playing through some originals, and closed the set with a cover of "The Pretender," by Foo Fighters, with some help from the audience. Its blend of Rush, Coheed and Cambria, and punk rock inspired vocals gripped the audience, who kept moving all through the set.”