Eyeinsee / Press

“Nice to hear what you've done with the song. I love your flow”

FM Groove Records - Andrea Lindborg

“I like your sound ,that's real hip-hop !!”

“This track is awesome mate the theme is relevent and it speaks volumes mate keep up the good work.”

Hauntedman1 Youtube

“wicked spanish guitar work and a great, laidback Latin beat for "tell me you love me"..really wicked to hear a rhyme that tells the true story of infidelity and love torn apart..sick flo bro, and a wicked skill at producing and putting a track together. Diggin your skillz!!”

London UK - MikeWhitePresents -

“Love your music. Very different, It stands out....:)”

“Your style very unique & trendy to the Urban Hip Hop community and culture, which is good.....”

Make Music New Jersey

“I respect that fact that you sounded like no one else, and you stayed true to yourself and didn't let what's going on in music today to influence you to do as you hear others do.”

-Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs ~N~ Harmony

“Wow, sick!! ”

besie0 - YouTube

“...Wow, this is actually really well-done.”

BladeDiva - youtube

“great call bruv. keep them tunes comin. breath of fresh air hearing sum tunes with a bit of passion!”

Simon Jevons UK - facebook