Eye fusion / Press

“To all eye fusion fans,let pause dubiously to introducing to you all, the multi-talented reggae/dancehall singer. His parents called him Clifton Tomlinson,but in the music industry and the entertainment fans and friends known him as EYE FUSION.this artist was born in the parish of Westmoreland in a little town called Savanna-la-mar, Jamaica.He started out his music by playing wind instrument in the Salvation Army band and choir,the Luois Bennette show called RING DING.He proformed stage show at Landillo in Westmoreland,stage show at ward-theater downtown parade in Kingston, Jamaica. He also performed on J.I.S Prgramed for valentine, also EYE FUSION attended the Jamaica school of music on a scholorship through the Jamaica cultural development commission. ”

Jon wells - C.C.T Magazine