Bill McBirnie - Extreme Flute / Press

““I stumbled across Bill McBirnie while reviewing [a new] Four80East [album, Off Duty] which offered a rare find. The jazz flute world for the more serious-minded musicians and fans alike has seen Hubert Laws, Herbie Mann and Dave Valentin turn in heavyweight performances, but The Bill McBirnie Duo/Quartet and Mercy is an eclectic mix that is as technically proficient and artistically gifted as any flute recording to date. To be blunt, McBirnie swings his ass off...[Y]ou may have just found the best flute player to hit the scene in a quarter century. From a pristine sound to the skill and finesse of a surgeon - everything works here!” — Brent Black, @criticaljazz”

“Masterful! Bill plays with classical virtuosity, jazz-swing intensity and Latin appassionata. At times, he is gentle as a breeze but he can build a solo to a gale force wind, never loosing the melodic soul of the tune. Superb soloing. Nothing less than fantastic.”

Paul J. Youngman - Radio Vinilemania