Extreme Dream / Press

“WOW....... well written tunes.... thoughtful lyrics, strong vocals, great hooks..... what more could you want.... i Like the production.... the Daniel Langois guitar in Not Me.... the wonderful acoustic sound and musical dynamics in Tears Of A Clown..... great stuff”

“I really dig the Funky Bass and riffin' in " Winters Calling". It takes me away with different visual imagery brought about by thr Lyrics. Great Instrumentals throughout, and messages- like in " Rape The Land" one that strikes a chord in my Heart deep! Also listened to "One In A Million" and "Lonely People" smokin' guitar solo...... my Monster Ballad/Hair Metal/ days revisted in my mind for sure. Very nice Lyrics and Vocal work on all tracks I heard! I will be back for sure.......”

“Beautiful set of songs that are well balanced and do what songs are suppose to do--- deliver a message with/impact. The Musicianship is superb as well as the Vocals. This is a uniquely original group with wonderfully diverse material.”

“Extreme Dream features a very individual, unique sound. Great Vibe , Great Work.”

“Extreme Dream songs are honest,touching and have integrity behind them. Vocals really came from the Heart. Nice chorus/melody and chord progression on the song Cries Of The Children. Right Hand Of Our Father is very heartfelt. A song people can relate to at some point in their lives.”

“Production is very impressive: Super instrumentals, smooth vocals, grabbing melodies. A sound all their own..... and they have a knack for rolling it all up into songs that pull people in.”

“Great compositions, I'm totally in love with Right Hand Of Our Father. The guitar riff reminds me of the Scorpions and the vocals are great”

“An infectious Alt-Pop sound and uplifting yet clever lyrical senseibilities.”

“Strong songs, treated with a soundscape. Reminisant of Cold Play.”