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“Al 30 jaar bestaat de Italiaanse band Extrema. Daarin heeft ze talloze albums en EP's opgenomen. Ook tourde de band met veel grootheden uit de metalscene, zoals Motörhead en Death Angel en opende de band voor o.a. Metallica, Slayer en Korn. Ondanks dat de term 'old-school' heden ten dage te pas en te onpas wordt gebruikt, hebben we hier te maken met een stelletje veteranen die hun nieuwe EP dus terecht de titel 'The Old-School EP' mee mogen geven. Op 23 mei verschijnt de 7 tracks tellende EP via Punishment 18 Records. Persoonlijk was ik niet bekend met Extrema, maar zodra de eerste tonen door mijn speakers knallen, ben ik meteen verkocht. Allereerst bevalt de zeer stevige productie erg goed; het geluid is vet, terwijl alle onderdelen goed te onderscheiden zijn. Ten tweede past de stijl van de Italianen wel in mijn muzikale straatje. Het openingsnummer ("Life") is zo'n gaaf nummer, dat ik het meteen nog een keertje opzet. De bio leert mij dat alle tracks op deze EP oorspronkelijk in 19”

“Most fans probably already know that Thrash Metal is a fusion of Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal is still the dominant ingredient, but sometimes the Punk Rock aspect is a bit stronger than usual like in this case here. Extrema’s “The Old School EP” is definitely a Thrash Metal album, but the Thrash Metal’s Punk Rock roots shine through quite a bit. Already with the first song you get a super fast Thrash Metal treatment with that certain Punk Rock touch that you can also hear on many Tankard albums. In fact I strongly suspect that Extrema is quite aware of Tankard. Their music is similar, the first song is titled “Life” and contains lines like “What’s the meaning of life?” which is almost identical to the title of the old Tankard classic: “Meaning of Life”. Coincidence? No, I don’t think so. But then, so what? Extrema’s (and Tankard’s) Thrash Metal is still a nice blend. The second song goes in the same vein. Thrash Metal with a certain Punk Rock vibe”

“Pronti, partenza e via! Son subito mazzate poderose con "Life", traccia che mette l’ascoltatore fin dai primi accordi l’ascoltatore spalle al muro, dove batteria e chitarre entrano a gamba tesa mentre la voce di GL Perotti fa il suo ingresso in scena urlando a squarciagola. Velocità, rudezza e potenza sono le caratteristiche principali di questa canzone e saranno anche i fili conduttori che uniranno le altre song che compongono "The Old School EP". I nostri si stanno però soltanto riscaldando perché con il proseguire dell’album non ci sarà mai un attimo di tregua, visto che la band continua a mettere notevole impeto nel modo di suonare, ed è così che ci troveremo davanti ad un'altra traccia di tutto rispetto, "Carcasses", altra composizione violenta, cruda e decisamente accattivante, che farà scattare sempre più una voglia di headbanging sfrenato! In questa traccia di cui è stato realizzato un fantastico video uscito il 19 maggio, in anteprima mondiale, sul noto sito del”

“Note du SoilChroniqueur (Metalfreak) : 7/10 Là, ils se sont fait plaisir ! Formé en 1986, le groupe Italien fait partie des précurseurs du thrash metal transalpin à l’instar de leurs compatriotes de Bulldözer. En six albums pour le moins corrects entre 1993 et 2013, le groupe jouit d’un statut de valeur sure et chacune de ses sorties est un petit plaisir auditif pour les oreilles des thrashers avertis. A la base un groupe de thrash metal old school, leur musique a petit à petit évolué vers des sonorités plus modernes pour faire place à un groove metal bien plombé. Avec cet EP, Extrema revient aux fondamentaux, tout en conservant la ligne de conduite qu’ils se sont fixée avec le temps : “The old school” oui, mais au groove bien actuel ! Et pan, ils nous envoient cinq titres de leur répertoire revisités et reliftés et ça passe ! “Life” a été enregistré pour la première fois sur le premier album “Tension at the Seams” (1993), “Carcasses” n’est j”

“Extrema, veterans of Italian thrash metal, are back with re-recordings of some of their earliest songs. Italian thrash metal veterans Extrema have re-recorded some recently rediscovered old and rare tracks and released them on “The Old School EP”. This is no-nonsense, old-school thrash metal. Great for those of us who like 80s-style thrash metal. It is very old school but without sounding out of date. This is timeless thrash metal with some fine guitar work by Tommy Massara. Extrema, formed in Milan in the mid-80s, has seen some line-up changes over the years but guitarist Tommy Massara and GL Perotti on vocals are still in the band. The current members of the rhythm section – Gabri Giovanna on bass and Francesco La Rosa on drums – are more recent additions. The EP features five tracks originally written and performed by the band back in 1987. Additionally, the EP features two live bonus tracks: “Life” and a cover of Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades”, both recorded in Rome”

“T hese prolific heavy metal loving, attitude-driven guys hail from Italy. Prolific because they present their sixth studio album, plus they have a live album and a double DVD celebrating at that stage of their career, their 20th birthday. Since releasing an E.P. back in 1987, Extrema have unleashed all manner of brutality inspired by events from around the world. In this case with The Seed of Foolishness, they were motivated by the recent mess that unfolded with our worldly economic crisis. The words ‘Thrash’ and ‘Metal’ both spring to mind once you set this long player to run. Pyre of Fire and opener Between The Lines both deliver a hasty pace and urgency with razor-sharp riffs accompanying the very competent vocal display from Gianluca ”GL” Perotti. Bones finishes with a high-pitched sustained note, and then the rampaging The Distance maintains the ebb and flow of what The Seed of Foolishness is all about. Unlike their previous studio outing, Pound For Pound, there”

“Being led into thinking that "The Seed of Foolishness" is an album governed by nothing but the thrash etiquette is the ultimate way to get Punk'd. I'm not saying that to a point where the record steers entirely clear from the general 'tude and metalosophy of the genre (towards gay lands ruled by dragons and harp players) but I'm still adamant about the fact that you gotta gear up for one heck of a flurry of genres punching you in the eye with a nice spiked set of rings on each finger. EXTREMA flip their bird way fucking high with this sixth release of theirs, and honestly, I never expected it was possible to mesh the straight-forward southern-coated, rampant Signature Dime groovery with fairly accessible, hooky, clean choruses, since I was brought into this world and existence. Well, those dudes do it in a jiffy and they don't fucking aim their guns to the ground for sure. Ultimately, I would say half of the tracklist is actually rooted in modern, staccato, flame-throwing thrash galore”

“My thrash itch needs scratching every now and then, but damned if Extrema didn't come along and do it wearing a sandpaper glove by way of their new masterpiece, The Seed of Foolishness. Admittedly, I feel a little sheepish saying that I've never heard of this band considering the fact that they've been around over 25 years. Perhaps their relentless touring is why they have so few albums out, but if this is the kind of material they've been making for a quarter of a century, it's crazy that they aren't more widely known. The Seed of Foolishness is only the band's sixth studio album, but they've clearly been honing their craft to a razor's edge. Their thrash opus screams with moral outrage in all of its crunchy metal fury at the evils of modern society - particularly about the well-worn subject of government malfeasance. And I can't stress enough my satisfaction in the delightfully heavy rhythyms reminiscient of 80s era thrash legends like Testament or Anthrax. Toss in the occasional B”

“Plugging away since 1986, Italy’s Extrema has transformed beyond their thrash origins into a more palatable groove oriented metal act without forsaking their heavy roots. Their sixth full length The Seed Of Foolishness is a 10-song recording chock-full of entertaining hooks, easy on the ears vocal melodies with the right chorus work to encourage sing-a-long bursts and a killer rhythm section that hones in on all the right accents to the riffing on display. A lot of time the thrash chops still shine through- check out the Exodus-meets-Annihilator-like stomp of “The Distance” or the fierce neck breaking riff-o-rama that opens “The Politics” and you’ll see guitarist Tommy Massara hasn’t lost any affinity for the early roots of thrash/speed metal. But the majority of Extrema’s sound in 2013 definitely possesses a lot of Pantera at the heart of it all – the right squeals, the vocal roar from Gianluca Perotti when he’s not mirroring John Bush, and an alluring bass/drum d”

“ On the metal circuit for around 25 years Extrema are now ready to return to their thrash metal roots with ten new tracks all ready to be unleashed. The Seeds of Foolishness takes its ideas from what is happening in the world today and are indeed at the Gates of Shred! To sum up: This album has its glory moments and at the same time it has its disappointing ones. The last track is an anthem that sounds like it should be on an Eagles album. Don’t get me wrong the Eagles are superb but this kind of track on a thrash album is asking for trouble! Overall a harsh but mediocre listen with highs and lows. The highs being the guitar it literally sizzles with ferocity. 7/10”

“Time for some good ol´ thrashmetal from Italy, Extrema have been around since 1987. They have shared the stage with titans like Metallica, Slayer and KoRn and released 6 studio albums including the new one "The seed of foolishness". Page Hamilton of Helmet did a guest appearance on their previous album from 2009 but now they´re back with some classic Bay Area influenced thrashmetal, just listen to the new single "Pyre of fire" that bring thoughts to Metal Church and Anthrax. The 6 minute long "Ending of prophecies" has a majestic ending that would do just fine on a Queensryche album, the more grunge-like "Bones" will please fans of Alice in Chains. What a powerful song. The album closes with a real singalong chorus in "A moment of truth", a nice classic rock tune that could´ve been written by Ugly Kid Joe. This is great metal folks.”

“Fronted by GL Perotti's growls which match that of Mudvayne and Hellyeah's Chad Grey and guided by Tommy Massara’s abrasive guitars and energetic personality "The Seed Of Foolishness" is the sixth album for the much celebrated Thrash Metal Machine! Powerfully introduced by track 1.Between The Lines with elbow throwing Thrash at it's most brutal and not taking the boot off the pedal either for tracks 2, 3 & 4. Slowing down briefly to the acoustically crafted melody of 5.Ending Prophecies which blends into the more Groove Metal sounds of 6.Bones but then straight back to the heavy ass chugging on the back end of the release. With only a handful of the tracks being more relaxed with an aftertaste similar to the likes of Puddle of Mudd and as described above it really is fitting to describe it as "Combat Metal" with Extrema going back to their roots. A video for the first single ‘Pyre Of Fire’ is in the making and will be released 22/4/2013 as a teaser for this awesome release so whe”