Extension Chords / Press

“Its techno by hand. I have never seen anyhting like this before. Its usually some guy with computers and stuff but this...its real, its live, its greatness!”

M.E.Pratt - ElectroMag

"Coolest show I have seen in the Austin area in along time. And besides that, its bad ass music."

Austin Music Reporter

"It's music from all sides. Comes atcha like an atom bomb. They were slammin in London."

Maximum Ink

"ok, where did this come from. The sleeper!"

Dawg Music Online

"super cool show, super cool bar. The Dig Pub and the Extension Chords is a sensory overload!"

Cedar Park Live

"Tokyo need more things like Extension Chords."

Tetsuo Namagashi - ロングバージョンもあります