Exit State / Press

“Roy Bright’s voice was on magnificent form here, his talent shining through especially on ‘All The Possibilities’ and ‘Last Time’.”

"You NEED Exit State in your life"

Jim Sharples - Big Cheese

"What i will say about the entire album (Black Veins) is that Exit State have not only marked their identity and sound on it, but they have paved the way for other bands to follow them for years to come. Previously i mentioned that they are influenced by certain massive bands, but now its their turn to influence others and i feel that they are more than capable of doing that."

"If you like your music aggressive, slightly experimental, with an edge, then this is for you...This is a great release and should expose the band to a wider audience 8/10."

"this album was a pleasure to listen to from start to finish"

"straight-up angry, ‘fire in their belly’ rock tracks, such as ‘Enough Already’ and ‘Circles’ which really pack a punch."

"harder edge to them this time around...the riffs come thick and fast, the lyrics are excellent, and the melodies really shine here, making Black veins a difficult album not to like!"

"put their musical wizzardry onto every track...8.5/10"

"Their originality and fearless approach to crossing musical boundaries is still as profound as ever"

"Lancashire natives Exit State giving an impressive showing. They aren’t afraid to blend different styles of music including hard rock, pop and even a rare taste of nu-metal. It’s carried off especially well with the vivacity of frontman Roy Bright, who knows how to titillate an audience. What makes Exit State seem perfectly viable to tap into the extra fan potential is the fact that while they pour out their emotions on stage, they’re still a band with a well measured balance of catchy energy and intelligent rhythm."

“DEATH OF A ROCKSTAR is a great start for a band that seems destined for bigger and better things. There are a lot of new bands coming out in the modern rock genre lately, and when I listen to most of them they are instantly forgotten, but EXIT STATE have a certain something that appeals to me, and will surely appeal to large audience”

"their no holds barred blend of rock, metal, pop, punk, indie and alternative is unashamedly unique"

“These guys are the real deal and at CIRCLE PIT, we believe that they are going to go on from strength to strength, pushing the envelope and continuing to improve on an already massive sound”

“Exit State significantly up both the tempo and the heaviness with their grunge-inspired set.”

“ROCKS LIKE: Foo Fighters : The Colour & The Shape Nickelback : Silver Side Up Metallica : The Black Album”

Big Cheese mag

“tight, impressively crafted debut... melodic originality... give these guys a big welcome to the scene; I think they'll be sticking round a while”

Tom Williams - Big Cheese mag

“The true joy of this band though is their refusal to conform to stereotypes, combining metal, pop & plain old rock n roll effortlessly & without apologies"”

Black Velvet

“They present to us their first full-length album “Death Of A Rockstar”. The title of the album is maybe a bit improper, because this cd seems to be more the birth of new rockstars.”

“These guys have put together this stunning solid debut album with some interesting and relevant subject matter which should be heard by many, if they can transfer these songs well within their live performances their future should be very promising.”

“What is amazing about this album is there are some truly inspired concepts which show a great maturity in song writing. Exit State are a band with huge potential, let’s hope they build on this impressive start and evolve further as a band.”

“All 9 songs here are of the highest quality, they're full of meaty riffs yet always seem to be melodically driven. Exit State seem to have it all, and Death Of A Rockstar is a very impressive debut album. I think the skies the limit for this excellent hard working rock band. ”

“The album is a convincing combination of melodic new rock and charging post punk – but there is still that 90’s alternative-Britrock sensibility that rings true. Between the stadium bound material, they could find themselves exploring the same territories as FFAF and Lost Prophets and all the success that comes with it, could be theirs.”

“Death of a Rockstar offers nuances of metal, indie, grunge and rock that would fit easily on let’s say Kerrang Radio’s playlist.”

“Am I impressed, very much so actually. When you throw hard edge meaty riffs into a blender with dirty rock n roll megalomania, and come out with Exit State, well, I'm not about to complain.”

“The bottom line is a good, handmade sound, rockin' songs, and a young band which is heading for a great future - Absolutely up-and-coming.”

“Exit State have the harmonic strategies of 90’s alternative-Britrock and the widescreen attack of sub-metal, independent, underground guitar music. A convincing combination of new rock and charging post punk, with the dials set beyond the pulsing throb of hard charging modern rock n’ roll.”

“Exit State can pen an instantly likeable, catchy chorus and have an ear for the unusual riff. Both of these things are what gives their debut single some edge. There's also a few experimental flourishes that are well-executed which bodes well for their upcoming full-length.”

“With a dense, guitar-driven rhetoric that lands somewhere between the melodic layering of Midasuno and stadium riffery of Guns N' Roses, their songs are satisfyingly heavy, unexpectedly catchy and unashamedly experimental...Impressive!”