Exit Prose / Press

“Is being an artist or musician something you're born with? ...or is it something you had to learn? I believe we are all artists in some way or to some degree so yes I do think you are born with the power to create. Whether you’re are a musician, writer, interior decorator, chef, clothing designer, architect, economist, etc. there is a science and art to all things. At the same time in order to evolve or excel at a certain art form you must learn the fundamentals and use them as stepping stones to higher learning. Then you can manipulate them respectively with your imagination.”

“Last night, Boise rapper Exit Prose, formerly Timbuk II of Kamphire Collective, dropped his first solo release, Sensational Woes. The album is slick and filled with attitude, and when the emcee took the stage, his flow shook the crowd”

“Exit Prose's raps channel A Tribe Called Quest, but he does them one better by crafting far richer beats.”