Exfónia /Maxo / Press

“Exfónia´s debute album is a significant new point of our music scene. It is a pleasant and creative original music by Juraj MAXIAN, dressed in a nice arrangement made by the group (Exfónia), which is not overly difficult, but not superficial. These poems written by Jozef Urban and Daniel Hevier I recommend to all who enjoy listening to music on the border of cultivated pop and other genres, and whom the majority of Slovak popproduction makes somewhat nervous. Matus Jakabcic, jazz musician, director of Slovak musical fund”

“This CD is a true diamond.Clean and easy to understand. Even the things, where the life is dirty, full of miserable roles of the people, who are maybe thinking, that this life we are living, is just a waiting room for something, what comes later and than will be everything honest and brilliant... But...unfortunately this moment will never come. For those kind of people. It will come only for the ready people. On this CD, there is no place for miserable lives and honey-kind of hopeless seconds. From the first tones, the listener´s attention is smoothly catched by these songs, on the natural way, no need of high-tech additions. I still adore Slovakia, which had remained in my soul despite of the distance of 34 years, I have to be grateful to diamonds like this. Made by men, struggling to maintain the valuable things of life, on a high level. I like to listen Zabite roky /Wasted years/, again and again. A fantastic album. Benjamin Tais Amundssen, music critician”

“Beautiful and Inspirational! Marie-Anne Fischer July 20, 2011 Some smooth guitaring and lyrics here! Great vocals as well, enjoying "If you remember" very much. / Alternate Dimension / July 31, 2011 Outstanding, beautiful compositions !!!! / Lost City Band/ July 20, 2011 Precioso.. muy buen ..Trabajo..Elegante..Felicidades!!!! Saludos / Vicente Frias / July 27, 2011 Great music !!!!!!! / Brothers Maxwell / July 13, 2011 BEAUTIFUL !!! Fantastic arrangements and production - amazing guitar work - exquisite tone. / Curtis Ray Smith, July 17, 2011/ "Very nice works here,love em all. Amazingly sharp executions on every instrument,keep it up! " / DAPPA DON & TIMMY MATRIXX PRODUCERS/REMIXERS/ 21 July, 2011”