Excuses For Skipping / Press

"YES! Some rock!! Big shouts to Julie for tipping us off to San Francisco’s EXCUSES FOR SKIPPING, a band we quickly were smitten with and had to track down their new music. Las Vegas Weekly nailed it by saying, “Imagine if Kevin Shields had produced The Go-Go’s and you’ve got some idea where this Bay Area-based, all-female quartet is coming from. Lush, shoegazey backdrops envelop bubblegum-pop hooks on enjoyable (if slightly ephemeral) tunes.” I love the driving sound of this act, reminiscent of another Bay Area group, ERASE ERRATA that I once loved dearly. We need to see this live and I think they just moved to the top of the list for an upcoming Rumble SF. "

“EFS is the type of band that not only pleases the youthful masses of San Francisco on a regular basis, but also inspires and breeds creativity among their peers; a true group of renaissance musicians”

““On stage and on record, Excuses for Skipping rock with an interesting mix of melodic, shoegazing harmony and ass kicking intensity. Out of Work Early is a great album, but you simply must see them onstage and in action.””