Exact Change Project / Press

“It’s easy to say that this is exactly what needs to happen to hip hop right now. Just like the classical and jazz genres, hip hop started out as a form of dance music. However, good composers sought to push it to other spaces; it is hip hop’s turn to change from primarily dance music to primarily intellectual stimulation. Escape Capsule is certainly pointed in that direction and I can comfortably say that everyone should listen to this album at least once.”

“If there is an album that should be on your list to cop today that may not be on your radar it is the Exact Change Project‘s debut joint Escape Capsule. This is Certified fresH Hip Hop at its absolute finest. Escape Capsule takes us back to our Jazz roots and incorporates all the dope pieces of Hip Hop that made me originally fall in love with the genre. Luge and Formula J, out of Queens put together a project that you will listen to repeatedly and will definitely stand the test of time.”

“Exact change is exactly what Hip Hop should be. smooth beats, great rhymes and cool messages. The diversity of sounds they display is nothing less than awesome. It’s the kind of music I could imagine just about anyone listening to, from a high school kid laying back relaxing, to a psychologist putting it on after a long day of listening to other peoples problems. If technology wern’t so great it would almost be a tragedy to play their music on anything but a record player.”

“They are taking hip hop down a new road, along the journey embarking upon musical adventures, while exploring the genre’s jazzy roots.”