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“Thank you Very much for including us in your radio show. We really appreciate your support. Thanks once again, Khatch, Vomitile”


“Amazing work and detail yet again, thanks so much for your efforts.”

“Another really nice show, dudes. I just love how you guys approach and present music in a very personal way.”

“Thanks so much for featuring us! We really appreciate it! Again, thanks so much from the bottom of our blackened hearts. Much love and respect from all of us at Relapse!!!”

“Many thanks for this! Much appreciated and of course we’ll keep you posted with any new release we have.”

“Great fucking podcast like always!! bros forever man!! hope i'll see you one of this days!!! Lovely last song!”

Manuel Salazar (musician/photographer) - Manuel Salazar

“Thanks Lord Malignus , for the killer radio station you got it... (O you truly have a heart for great music as you can clearly hear and see all the awesome musicians posted here.”

Greg Allan, Knights Templar

“Awesome, this the shitz! \m/ Lord Malignus... lots of thanks & best regards,- Pol Calinawan. Bandstand.ph metalisland”

“Great episode 14 of Masters of Shred! I'm a big fan of Dean Cascione over the years so it was cool featuring two of his newest tracks. I also loved the works of Zack Uidl and Carlos Lichman too.”

Steve Mavronis, Listener,musician

“Works at Any way i can get it "Shred On"!”

James Stoppler, listener

“COG is a very weird shit! But sounds great! Thanks 4 this episode my friend. .”

“Awesome guitarists! Awesome show!! YOU ROCK! -Masters Of Shred 10”

“That's quite a great post , dont mind if i download !! Respect for your work”

Étienne, listener

“Great show again dude, I'll definitely give this band a second look. I gotta say you sounded extra angry this time around!”

“Thanks for the support and bringing all of these great metal bands to everyone's attention”

Anubis Unbound, band - Anubis Unbound, US

“Horns up motherfuckers!! and hopefully we have more great shows coming.”

Duglas, listener

“Thanks for your support, Malignus! Adrian - Pest Promo Agency ”

Adrian, promoter - Pest Promo

“Awesome show, Yeah EVOLUTION ROCK is the best day radio of the Internet and Lord Malignus you are the Godfather of Metal \m/ \m/ !!”

CJ Rebel Son, guitarist - CJ Rebel Son, Brazil

“Hey dude, I checked it out….FUCKING AWESOME! Nice mix of other tunes as well, good format…and of course the acoustic bonus at the end with bloopers was classic…Thx again!”

“You pod-monsters !! Been cranking some of your crazy ongoing sonic mayhem spillage !! Keep 'em coming, bro, and thanks for that shout-out and all your friendship and 'blood support. ”

“You have a great show! We hope the best for "Evolution Rock Metal Podcast" Keep on going Keep Metal alive Rock on ”

Shahin, musician - Azooma, Iran

“To Evolution Rock and the many great podcasts and dedication to musician's and heavy music. I am a humble drummer and like my international brothers we know no language but that of the internal throat scream and ass cheek clamp while chipping out our wooden sticks on metallic objects and skin stretched fantasy beer pots.........fuck yeah...i am a drunk drummer in uniform,saliva on my shirt and Satan in my underwear,little Bastard....cheers one and all,drummers rule!!!”

Forehead, musician - Musicblood, Canada

“Me encanta la evolución que esta tomando la radio. Por la liberacion del metal que siga adelante Evolution Rock la radio independiente! Te mando un gran abrazo Williams! Keep on going you are doing a great job!!!!”

Hellvira, listener

“Hail dear Malignus! It's great to take apart on your podcast again, Thanks a lot. Rock the World Together! ”

Ham, musician - Vaspooher, Iran

“We love the banner and the podcast is very cool, just awesome bands.Thanks a lot for all the support you have been given to EletriKa!”

Claudia David, musician - EletriKa

“Yeeeeeeh!Como larvas descomponedoras, como bacterias devoradoras de carne, como impuestos fiscales.Mil reverencias al Lord of Lords! ”

“Hailz Evolution Rock Crew!!! Great to see you growing and becoming stronger, well your old friend lingers and rotz!! Remember me!”

Big Z - Zsentient MetalCast Radio

“You're listening to evolution rock friends so horns up and mosh the metal!”

Chops Walka - Chops 911 Metal Radio

“YOU KICK SERIOUS ASS! hahaha. Great job mofo! and glad to see you are #1 in the Metal category!”

Carlos de Leon - listener

“Just listened to the show and wanted to say thanks again for all your support. I'm honored to be a part of this, it's huge to me so thank you again.”

Aaron Cloutier - Davola/Animus Rising

“Lord, keep it Loud!!! We need you!!! ”

Marina V - Lion Psyche, Promoter

“Good job our friends... keep rock on!! ”

“Brutal work every show, exelentes bandas, exelente trabajo. ”

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