"We live it everyday. We're fighting our way to the top one show at a time. We're promoting when no one else will. We're putting on productions. We make commercials for our shows. We run a grass roots campaign. This is our lively hood, We're in the music industry. We don't just take shows on Friday's and Saturday's. we pride ourselves in our professionalism. We run commercials, radio ads,flyers, posters you name it. This is the truth, we live this everyday. We're in the battleground."- Evil Come, Evil Go in an interview with San Antonio publication (not released) 2012

Unreleased publication 2012

"a local San Antonio band that is mixing two great genres of music together, metal and punk." "The band is a typical four piece but with a not so typical sound. Evil Come, Evil Go have created a melting pot of different sounds to make what they are today." "They have breakdowns worthy of Iron Maiden fans and punk beats like The Misfits" "Their song titles “Fire and Rage” and “Madman” really show their diverse metal and punk way of creating music with Chris beating on the drums quick, Nathaniel’s fast metal hands playing guitar, Cody’s deep base, and Don’s killer scream singing coming together to create Evil Come, Evil Go."

“ “It always goes back to roots,” he said. “Culture is a very important thing for anyone, whether you're white, black, Hispanic, anything. But musically, to us, it just doesn't matter. Music is no race; it's no color.” Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/entertainment/article/Punk-metal-evolution-2213771.php#ixzz1gG6CXnp1”