Evet Socrates / Press

““Technique Meets Tonality” Evet Socrates is an intriguing innovator of splendid guitar adventures and interweavings of orchestrated melodies and soaring solos which often leaves audiences breathless. Evet says he never expected to be a guitar hero but rather tries to evoke higher elements of expression through what might be called technique. “I want to evoke awe and splendor with my music as opposed to today’s clichés of pure aggression” he says. “I approach my music as a craft as well as an outlet. I try to be insightful, and a little bit sexy.” Evet’s artistic talents are employed in film and animation as well. 2014 saw the debut of his long awaited sci-fi music video extravaganza “ASTROLUX”, in which he wrote, directed, and starred in.”

unknown - Centarus Times