Eve to Adam / Press

“On their latest album Banquet for a Starving Dog, Eve To Adam channel the reckless swagger of Guns N’ Roses with a vocal bravado a la Pearl Jam. The album is a 21st century call-to-arms for rock ‘n’ roll that nods to the genre’s genesis while laying a foundation for the future. Tunes like “Run Your Mouth” tout infectious arena-ready hooks as well as gargantuan riffs that could shake the Sunset Strip all the way to the band’s native New York. This is a feast that music fans must not miss…”

"Our hunger for refreshing alternative rock music has finally been relieved with the release of Eve to Adam’s album, “Banquet for a Starving Dog”"

"“Banquet for a Starving Dog” is radio ready. I think a wide variety of music fans will get into Eve to Adam when they get a chance to hear them. I think fans of bands like Motley Crue will like them for their heaviness, I think fans of Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman will like them because their music is fun. I even think they could win over some pop music fans, because there are some ballad type songs on the album, but they're not your typical ballads, they're seem to be a little bit on the darker side, but regardless I think fans of pop music will dig it."

"If you're a fan of high-energy melodic rock with gigantic choruses, Eve to Adam have your number."

"I hesitate to compare up and coming bands to legendary bands, especially legendary bands that kind of get a bad rap for being popular. Eve to Adam kind of reminds me of Bon Jovi, but not in the cheesy way that Bon Jovi gets criticized for. When I say Bon Jovi, I’m talking “Slippery When Wet,” “New Jersey” Bon Jovi…but with a more modern sound or twist. Lead vocalist Taki Sassaris has a powerful voice like Jon Bon Jovi used to......"

"Where modern radio rock has largely become stale as acts like Seether and Nickelback continually release the same sort of music, I feel that the different cuts present on Banquet For A Starving Dog provide a substantially different take on the genre."

"The album’s titular track will burrow its way deep into listeners’ ears, and not give up until well after the album finishes. Glasses High, the penultimate effort, showcases where the band has been and where they will be over the course of the next few years – I know I am excited for where the band could conceivably end up. "

"This band is clearly (hopefully) the sound of rock's future. This is where the big rock that got its start in the 90's ultimately would have gone if it hadn't tripped over its own dick."

“Banquet For A Starving Dog: "This CD is one of the more pleasant releases of 2011. If you’re looking for something different, and that diamond in the rough, then this is the release for you!"”

"Singer Taki Sassaris's voice is the definition of gravelly rock, and the song's dexterous riffage (not to mention the major wah-wah pedal action at 2:20) will make this a staple on your workout mix”

"We gave Eve to Adam's album "Banquet for a Starving Dog"" "Five thumbs up out of five on our five thumb scale which gives this album a "must own" status." "One of the very cool things about ETA is that I really have a hard time figuring out who to compare them to. I guess that makes them original doesn't it?" "This is not an album to go to sleep to. It powers its way all the way to the end."