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“Very unique and captivating! listening to "I walk Alone" great song, superb music.”

“Walk along is so kool....NIN kind of feel”

“Hope you like our music as much as we loved yours! We are your fans/Twitter followers. We'd be thrilled if you could fan/follow back. Be lucky”

“Incredibly intense. "I @m G0D series" is probably my favorite. Definitely hear the NIN influence, in a very good way. Best wishes!”

“Do not adjust your sets, these sounds are meant to push the envelope. Hell, as far as I am concerned they're blowing up the whole letterbox, so your mind can be reprogrammed...”

“now playing my favourite track Air Planes Submarines”

"I Walk Alone" is a great tune! Enjoying my listen here. Stop by my site and check it out when you can, it would be greatly appreciated. ~Mykoman

“ Great music. What a great artist!”

“eerily Wonderful music!”

“Jack Baptist your music its awesome and also your ideas in your lyrics.Very original sound and a pleasure to have meet such a creative soul.We are all One bro ”

The Silence - The Silence

“loving this! ”

the johnnie squizzercrow experiment - the johnnie squizzercrow experiment

“Karma on you sell outs on my playlist for today. Great song!! Love the way you mix every style in history. Mostly when someone does that it sounds like crap but you sound great!!”


“thanks for being so kind...great tracks your self...very talented...:)”

One Step Closer - One Step Closer

“Goodness me this music is dramatic and intense! X”

buchanproductions - buchanproductions

“It is what is peeps here we are the revolution in music began to unfold years ago. Now we are spinning so many of us WE will be heard, and we will RISE as we do this lets try to communicate and create feats as musicians. The theme of so many major labels that has had such a dictating presence shouldn't yet is that up to me. Is that up to you, and do we really want that. I say freedom of expression in art and not to be ruled by anyone thing. Music is music the conduit. For all of the crisis we are seeing as if it unfolds like a sci fi movie, in my opinion through this conduit we can all stand I will and will not stop--Do the best with what you have it is what it is leader and alter ego play of EveryThingManBand. And it is us against the world PEACE ....... Fight the powers with intelligence.”

Ronald Jackson - Quote-or statement? The Truth in many forms.

“We are a Revolution a Music movement in the humble of beginnings and to create change that will influence the capitalism an propoganda the world uses as an excuse peace-Ronnie”