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“Every Knee Shall Bow stays in the LOUD chart Top 5 this week in Christian Music Weekly...#3, After 2 weeks at #1 and the third week in a row in the Top 5! (over Norma Jean, Demon Hunter, For Today, August Burns Red, Living Sacrifice, Hope for The Dying... and many others”

“We just wanted to let the band know that you guys were the "Hands Down!" Winner in the Metal category for this years Breakout Artist Music Competition. There were over 11,000 submissions so HUGE Congratulations! Randy Blythe (lamb of god) and Halestorm both had very nice comments about your music! We will be following up with you next week to talk further but wanted to give you the heads up. Check out www.breakoutcompetition.com for list of other winners and runner ups. Regards, Breakout Competition Admin PO BOX 19147 Cleveland, OH 44119”

“Now another new band for you..this time a band from over the Seas in the US..these guys caught my attention on twitter. Signed to Rottweiler Records, this band (usually) wouldn’t be my preferred genre ..however done well genre’s become more appealing..This band has truly kicked me in the teeth and forced me to swallow my pre conceptions of Brutal Heavy Metal sent me back to my teenage years with their tight recording of ’ The Lion’s Teeth’ off their debut album ‘Slayer of Eden.’ Musical talent clearly oozes from the family tree as this band proves with 4 of their members being brothers…and get this..their youngest member is Shane on bass who is at the ripe age of 13! DO NOT let that put you off..because these guys are said to be AMAZING live ..and I for one can’t wait until they visit the UK. For sure a band to keep your eyes on in the future…”

“From the first seconds of Slayers of Eden, it is impossible to deny Every Knee Shall Bow’s technically-infused, thrashy death metal. The guitars reign as king, imparting winding, looping & marvelous riffs around sturdy, deep drumming and hearty, popping bass. Guitars which once soared high & fast in the style of technical death metal drop down into low, punchy chugs, while the drums turn from quick & jabbing to a slow, steamroller pace which flattens the listener. There is no moment where aspects of heaviness are the only influences prevalent, the same as there is no moment where all aspects of the band’s chug vanish. Rather, both of these elements are always present in varying amounts- when one pushes harder, the other is relegated to the background, never vanishing. The vocalist describes great battles & the woes of fighting along against hordes of the damned, the listener can actually believe him, & feel as if they, too, are in the midst of an enormous war.”

“Slayers of Eden is the debut release from the heavy metal outfit Every Knee Shall Bow and it is a serious, all-out voracious battering of the senses. The extremely down tuned guitars and grinding double bass drum work provide the perfect vehicle for Chris Hull’s insanely throaty vocal delivery. At times it is brash and guttural while at others it has an unearthly scream-like quality to it, but it is always enormously powerful! I find it utterly amazing that he has any vocal chords left at all. As heavy and punishing as it gets though, Every Knee Shall Bow still manage to retain a fair amount of groove that really makes the songs move along - at times I was vaguely reminded of other bands I dig including The Acacia Strain, All Shall Perish, or even Carnifex. This is sheer brutality in every sense of the word and I think it is a terrific debut from a band I am hoping to hear more from in the near future. I am certain fans of heavy metal music will eat this one up. Check it out I, thi”

“Every Knee Shall Bow is a metal band form Hope Arkansas. They travel in a big bus painted to look like the General Lee, complete with 01 on the side and Dixie horn to match. They played an incredible show on Halloween to close out TeL Terrors for this year. They had so much energy that it was hard not to be drawn to the stage and whipped in to a frenzy. Hair flying everywhere and furious fingers shredding guitars created a vortex pit whirling in a pocket between ramps in front of the stage. Every Knee Shall Bow was is treat to witness. Don't hesitate if you get the chance!”

"Just so you know, In about 400 bands I saw, only Every Knee Shall Bow stood out!..."

“Project Independent "OK... Enough Already!!!! If I've been asked once, I've been asked a thousand times "Who was your favorite band?"... FOR THE RECORD: I had two, and NEITHER will be in the voting. The first was RESOLUTION 15 who performed during our Industry Night at the Trash Bar in NYC... and the second was EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW, a participant in the Little Rock, Arkansas showcase. RESOLUTION 15 substitutes guitars with violins (played thru Mesa Boogie Amps)… enough said!!! EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW includes a 12 year old and a 13 year old who look like they have performed on stage for 20 years. Their live performance was one of the 10 best of the tour, and YES!!!... their band is probably better than yours!!! Did I mention that they’re still in Jr. High School? As for the rest of you… voting starts December 1st at projectindependent.net GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!"”

“PICK OF THE LITTER - HM Magazine Oct/Nov/Dec 2011: #1 *Every Knee Shall Bow- "The intense black metal that this band puts out is awesome. The added intrigue of their lead guitarist being only 12 years old is just a bonus attraction. Technical. Fast. Brutal. "”

"The surprise of the day, performance-wise, was Every Knee Shall Bow. This band features a 12 and 13 year old on guitar and bass." " I was skeptical at first, as were most people I’m sure, but when they started shredding, my jaw dropped and I was in awe. Those kids know how to rock, look for them to burst onto the big stages soon."

“Every Knee Shall Bow... We were so impressed with you guys last night! Incredible show!!! Best new band in Little Rock this year, hands down! ”

“This is the talk of the town after last night! Check out this video of Every Knee Shall Bow, the bassist is 12 yrs old and guitarist is 13 and act like seasoned pros! Pay special attention around 3:18, it's brutal! Every Knee Shall Bow "His Mercies Are Bountiful" 9/17/2011 by Arkansas Rocks! Entertainment . ...did you see the photos that we took? LOVED EKSB!!! ”

“Christian Metal Source: Every Knee Shall Bow is Christian Metal Source's "Artist of the Week"! Oh, did I mention the bassist is 12 and the guitarist is 13? http://www.facebook.com/everykneeshallbow . Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Every Knee Shall Bow is Christian Metal Source's "Artist of the Week". Breakdowns and southern metal riffs to windmill your hair to with a few unexpected twist is what to expect from Every Knee Shall Bow. Go listen to their tracks on their ReverbNation by clicking the banner above!”

“Watch Every Knee Shall Bow on stage. The V-shaped bass is almost as tall as the pint-size bass player. Cradling it almost upright, the bass’s neck soars above his head. The band’s other guitarist is not much taller than the bass player, his blond mane licking at the strings of his star-shaped guitar. Rounding out the band are two more brothers DJ 19, Drums, Drew 24, Guitar and Chris Hull, Vocals. When the band locks into a ferocious riff — as the thrash metal band often does — they begin whipping their heads, with the bass player especially gifted at windmilling his shoulder-length black hair. The two ... well, kids, because that is what they are ... are 11-year-old Shane Wibbelsman on bass and 13-year-old Cole Wibbelsman on guitar, two of the four brothers of Blevins’ Every Knee Shall Bow, a Christian metal band. Right now it’s a little eye-catching. But let’s not think size impacts aptitude. These guys can play. Better than competently... Exceptionally”

“Hey Larry! We all loved getting to see the band and were very impressed. I let my son who is 11 and a metal head drummer listen to it and he thought it was awesome and was very encouraged to see that kids just like him could do that. Holler anytime and I look forward to seeing yall again soon. ”

Rock Gray of Living Sacrifice, Evanesence, We Are The Fallen - Facebook

“Glad u guys are as excited as i am. I cant wait to see u live!!!!..”

Tina Bird, The EDGE 100.3 Little Rock Radio - Facebook

“Nice! I love the hairbanging!!”

Phil Demmel of Machine Head/Vio-Lence - Facebook

"This is The Future of METAL!!"

Rob Dukes of EXODUS - Minglewood Hall - Live

“they are waaay better at their age than we were!”

Lance Garvin of Living Sacrifice - Facebook

“Newcomer on the metalcore scene, Every Knee Shall Bow, is shaking things up in Arkansas. With their mash up of old school metal and more modern metal/deathcore theyhave a clear unique sound that is sure to melt your face off. The band is composed of four brothers, Shane, Cole, DJ and Drew Wibblesman. Shane, the bassist, is a 4’8″ 11 year old who shreds the strings off the bass guitars that are nearly as tall as he is. His brother Cole, at 13, plays guitar like a seasoned veteran. DJ, 19 (drums), and Drew, 24 (lead guitar), play like they’re on fire every time they touch their instruments. The most recent addition to the band, Chris Hull (22), brings his intense throat ripping vocals as well as sick dance moves to the mix. Together these 5 guys put on one of the most intense, unreal live performances around.”