everyday i / Press

“Everyday I is a nice cliffhanger of a name, an invitation to fill in the blank as you will. For the Orlando band, the obvious ending is “rock.” That’s what Everyday I sets out to do, track by track. Following the Doc Marten footprints of bands like Candlebox, Taproot and Alice in Chains, the band delivers turbulent, angsty alt-rock. “The Less I Know” kicks off with the clang and crash of drums and guitar, building to a driving chorus that’s ratcheted up by some seriously powerful vocals. The buzzsaw growl of guitars makes “Denial” equally ominous, but redemption comes in the song’s sailing harmonies. “Glory” is technically a ballad, but one that will blast your face off. Much of Everyday I’s material has an urgent pitch to it, whipping the listener up into a frenzy. If you like an emotional tug-of-war with your rock, this band will do it for you. ”