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“EVERYBOY, “Parachute Mind” (Catlick) ✰✰✰1⁄2 — There’s something both uplifting and soothing about the 13 tracks that comprise “Parachute,” the excellent sophomore full-length from everyBoy (aka Bruce Nathan). These songs resonate with optimistic themes like compassion and hope, which can’t help but make you feel better about life, yet are presented in a smooth, ear-pleasing manner that’ll calm you down after a hectic day at the office. Nathan gets all metaphysical on opener “To Arjun,” which tells the tale of the warrior hero Arjun and the Hindu god Krisna, but it’s served up in pop packaging. Clever, everyBoy. Additional keepers include “Change,” the title track, “Bully Me,” “L.U.V.” and “Ego Solo.” Less effective are “Don’t You Know” and “Barks Too Much,” but they don’t take away from this first-rate record.”

Jeffrey Sisk - Pittsburgh Daily News

““Parachute Mind” comes through with a cohesive, consistently gripping steam of songwriting and delivery. Bruce Nathan (EB) can sing almost softly enough to appeal to John Mayer fans, with a bite nipping at the edges. On tracks like “Change,” “Ego Solo,” and “Narcisuss” he fashions savory slices of what I can only label “classic rock” (the sort born in the ‘70s, epitomized by Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, and/or Squeeze). There are delicious moments that smack of ‘60s harmonies and/or power pop.”

"Even the jealousy and darker emotions on the disk are dealt with in a loving, playful way, which really gives the disk a spiritual angle; the narrators in these songs keep trying to do what’s right; to allow freedom, to make the right choices in battle; but there’s the constant struggle of the real world (and the Narcissus’s). The focus on the lyrics in this record is pretty pure: he’s examining and exploring human worth through human relationships. Which is what I think many pretty good records try to do, but only really great records succeed at. This record is a great record: it succeeds on every level, not the least of which is that it’s pleasant, engaging, and layered upon listening. The musicianship only pales in comparison to the writing technique."

“EveryBoy's vocals bring early Neil Young and Jeff Tweedy to mind, as does his confessional lyrical style.”

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“A Buddhist sense of acceptance is paired with romantic angst in these scruffy yet insightful folk-rock tunes.”

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“The Last Lala's is a quirky, charming offering that both catches the ear and pokes at the mind.”

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"...killer neo-folk courtesy of everyBoy..."

“For those of you into the college rock/indie rock scene, you absolutely should give everyBoy a listen. Kudos, everyBoy, you’ve got a strong product on your hands.”

“This guy can sing! It’s a mix between a younger Tom Petty, Peter Gabriel and The Beatles....The vocal harmonies are excellent too. Musicianship is spot-on and well-recorded. This album is damn good.”

“EveryBoy is quite the capable songwriter. Every single one of the 10 songs on the last lala’s is catchy on a certain level, and certainly entertaining.”

"Keep On Keeping On [displays] strong Pop sensibility and a sing-a-long chorus...the song is so catchy...It's clear that Every Boy has the talent to write and play great music..."

Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World

"Im2b, is highly catchy with a Beatles-inspired sound. Im2b has real potential as a single; infectious enough to catch hold on the radio with the right break."

Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World

“Life Is 4 Living [is] an interesting tune about the important things in life ...[the]vocal delivery is somewhere between Peter Gabriel & James Blunt here."”

Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World

"The Last Lala's mixes a Zen approach with an eclectic Pop sensibility..."

Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World

“Featured Artists: Artist: Every Boy An upcoming New York singer-songwriter, Every Boy writes yearning songs that balance grit with emotion and exuberence with uncertainty. Expect to hear more from this talented young man.”