“fuck ya ninjas i love this shit "steel toe boots" is my favorite so far, keep that shit up yall, watch you guys are going to be EVERYWEHE i put it! XD”

“Hi Evercrest. You sound like Korn (but much better than their last albums...) with something that reminds me of Pantera and Tool. I like your songs! It would be cool to play together live somewhere.”

Number H: - Number H

“Killer music and vocals, reminds me a lot like Seveendust, which is totally awesome. ”

Daniel Helms - Daniel Helms - Alternative / Alternative Rock / Lounge

“ u`r band like a new korn.., good job bro..,.,.,.,.,.,.”

Aan Indra - Aan Indra

“woooow, exceptional music I like, a real adrenaline rush to my heart, well done good work Jun 25”

Robi s.O.: - Robi s.O.:

“im serious tho dude ur proppa legends i cant beleive it i was like ok random add whatever but now oh my gosh ur band is the best.... ur all really talented group im pround of yas.... UR MUSIC ROCKS!! xx”

Abbiiee-Paige Gibbs - Abbiiee-Paige Gibbs

“Personal Opinion. Evercrest is the best local rock band out there right now. Imagination, Innovation, Skill, Talent, Entertaining, Funny, Heavy and a Killer P.A. keeps these guys Rockin right along.”

Darryl Harvey - Personal Opinion.

“Love the fusion of old school rock and roll with a newer sound! Thanks for the add!”

German Autumn: - German Autumn:

“Justine Wilde: Much, Much Diggin’ on “2 Planes” and “Bitter Love”; Smashing Rendition of “Come Together”! Overall Thundering Wall of Solid Sound With Intense Genre-Perfect Lead Vocals Proves You Guys Are A Force With Which To Be R... Jun 25”

Justine Wilde: - Justine Wilde:

“Awesome meaty guitar with cool words! solid rock music the way it should sound. CLASS!”

Alan Redmond: - Alan Redmond:

“ Congrats on being no.1! your sound is solid! I really dig the industrial touches and riffs. Great vocals all the way around!”

Give The Signal: - Give The Signal

“Holy crap you guys are from Baton Rouge.I'm from Gonzales La. By the way great stuff, I became a fan.”

i think i'm randal: - i think i'm randal:

“Cometogether! Hell yes! Great music and love your rock and roll!!”

Cheryl Allison: - Cheryl Allison:

“Rockin' man.... oh yeah! Awesome!”

Spin Flint: - Spin Flint:

“Nice and heavy the way it should be! The drummer is completely insane. Thanks for adding me!”

German Autumn: - German Autumn:

“Hi EVERCREST! Thanks for the friendship! Great rock sound! Great performances! Most enjoyed listening to your tracks and watching your videos! Wish you all the best!”

LPB band: - LPB band:

“ You Are Yeahhhhhhhh :) Great Sound <3 I Wish You A Beautiful Day With Sun Shining :) Greeting From Berlin/Germany Ciao Roma”

Marienfelde: - Marienfelde

“ thanks dude.... ur band is lengendary seriously there awsem... Youve shown me a diffrent side to music..... Your A True Legand!!”

Abbiiee-Paige Gibbs - Abbiiee-Paige Gibbs

“awesome stuff man, ROCK!”

Joe and the Jungle: - Joe and the Jungle

“KILLER music!!! I'm diggin' "2 Planes" right now. :) You deserve to be #1! All the best. Melissa from O2”

Oxygen: - Oxygen

“Great music really like it...powerfull guitar and great vocals...”


“Rock on...you guys have a killer sound...solid stuff on all fronts...I like this alot!!!”

Jim Brummond: - Jim Brummond:

“Evercrest live is a show you can't miss its so electric for 3 hours of non stop ROCK! with a twist of synth work. yes these guys can improve the music like the Greatful dead on steroids so if you have the chance to see this show don't miss it!”

Max Hollywood - Metro live band