Even The Dogs / Press

“If you haven’t heard of Even The Dogs then you need to pick up their new cd “They’ll Never See It Coming”. Trust us, you will NOT be disappointed. The songs are amazing, the musicianship is stellar and the production is top notch! The band recently held their CD release show to a packed house at The Vanguard in Tulsa, OK. The band performed the new album, some old favorites and even gave a special 3 song acoustic show for the VIP ticket holders and we have the audio from it posted below. The new album is available on itunes NOW!”

“Even The Dogs is a Hardcore/Metal band that comes from Tulsa, OK. The band features Eddie on vocals, David on the bass, Christian playing the rhythm guitar, Blane doing the lead guitar, and Anthony on the drums. Together they come together and play some great music. They just released this CD back on August 3rd of 2013. After listening to this CD I can say that I really enjoyed it. They have great lyrics as well as great instrumentation. I really enjoy how they mix their vocal styles up from clean to screaming. They really keep your attention with their hooks as well. This CD had 5 songs on it and was a great teaser for what is to come. I am really looking forward to what this band does next and they can count me as a fan based on this CD alone. If you are looking a hardcore/metal band with a great mixture of vocal styles then I highly recommend this band.”

“Even The Dogs are an up and coming metal/hardcore band from Tulsa Oklahoma who's album, "They'll Never See It Coming", is making a lot of noise on both Fuel Radio and Dead To Self Radio. This album has a great mix of clean vocals and screams thrown dab in the middle of some amazing music. There are five great songs on this EP and choosing a favorite is a little difficult. I personally like "At The Feet Of Giants" which I have in my Favorites list and I also really like "Personal Hell". Eddie has one of those voices that when you hear him, you know it's him. The music is tight and filled with killer hooks, and the song writing is top notch. This is a great band and album, I highly recommend them...”

“Even The Dogs are poised to carve a name for their band in the realm of heavy metal. ETD’s debut EP, They’ll Never See It Coming, features five hard-hitting, intense tracks filled with pounding melodies, embellished rhythms and the typical mix of clean and guttural vocals. The highlight of the EP is “Personal Hell.” It’s one of the calmer tracks, but everything seems to be clicking just right on it; the catchy guitars, thumping drums and heartfelt lyrics will make you want to listen to this track again. The EP ends with the energetic “Down in Flames,” which highlights frontman Eddie Green’s ability to scream with the best of them. Even The Dogs are certainly a band to keep your eye on. For fans of Demon Hunter and Killswitch Engage”

“Shiny Metal Even the Dogs widens the metal playing field with new album By G.K. Hizer If you're like me, you've been wondering lately what happened to our local metal scene. Actually, I've been wondering what happened to metal in the Midwest, in general. Before giving up hope, however, I received a phone call last fall from Eddie Green, lead vocalist of Even the Dogs with some exciting news. His local metal band had just scored a record deal and landed a management contract. Maybe metal isn't dead in Tulsa and the greater Midwest after all...read the full article at: http://www.urbantulsa.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A30708 ”