evening breeze / Press

“bocaJ ....palm fresh breezes...a fine drink in hand...this groove is immaculate and deceptively lilting 'cause it slipped into my soul like a velvet wrapped needle”

“This is fabulous stuff. Your guitar tone and phrasing are absolutely sublime. And the mix of horns and guitar is absolutely perfect. This is textbook perfect jazz-rock of the very highest calibre. The guitar tones alone are mind-blowingly beautiful.”

“Beautiful, joyful! After listening over and over, picked my faves: bocaj and exodus! That percussion is so right. Wonderfully varied arrangements!”

“Your music is some of the best stuff I've heard locally! I'd definitely like to check you out "live". Best!”

“Great music and instrumental playing I enjoyed listening g to you tonight really relaxing and peaceful vibe, thank you for your support have a happy new year to you all, Lisa”

“I'm listening to Locusts and Honey right now and its very jazzy and groovy. Makes me wanna just get a snifter of cognac and puff on a cigar at a nice lounge. God bless, Paul”

“shhhhmack !!! Right in the head !! Loved it !! You are undoubtedly awesome,great stuff !!”

“beautifully imagined and recorded work here my friend..the playing and musicianship overall is of such a high quality, that it becomes a very compelling and immersive playlist to soak up..love the guitar work on "shepherd lament" and the wicked good horn solo for "locusts and honey"..such a strong and worthwhile project to have created!!”