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“Queensryche celebrated three decades of music, as well as the release of their 13th album, ‘Dedicated to Chaos,’ with an amazing show Friday night (July 29) at New York’s Irving Plaza. Opener Evan Russell Saffer (ERS) and his band started the night off with a powerful set. They performed a great mix of up tempo songs and deep ballads. Saffer has a pleasant blend of smooth vocals with edge. Their music was appealing because of the band’s complicated drum patterns, deep bass lines and screeching guitar riffs. Along with his catchy choruses its no wonder why Saffer and his band won over hundreds of die-hard Queensryche fans.”

“The tracks on the record range from the fast paced, melt your face off pace of the afore mentioned "Chemical Marketplace" and "Alienator", to the thoughtful ballads, "So Far Away", and "Just One Day" and then the melodic yet powerful tunes "Dyrwlslm", "With You Alone", and the in your face rock songs "I Come Undone" and "Dream of Love's Last Dying Breath". On his website, Evan describes the different paces of music on his record as "schizophrenic". I think it's just a well rounded rock record.”

“De esas bandas que solo de vez en cuando nacen desde el útero del rock indie americano, siempre fértil en esta materia, nos hemos topado en esta oportunidad con un estilo totalmente refrescante, energético, vibrante, heavy, hímnico y emotivo, con muchas otras características que aparecen conforme vas escuchando el hard rock de esta gente. Primero que todo llama la atención este gran vocalista Evan Russell con un registro alto y contagioso que ha llevado estos ocho cortes por recovecos realmente interesantes de apreciar en toda su extensión. Se siente de todos modos un álbum que se imbuye de múltiples fuentes, todas ellas dentro del rock atemporal de bandas como Queen o también más de moda como Tokyo Hotel, por lo que se comprenderá el amplio abánico de posibilidades que puede llegar a abarcar esta banda..........”

“ERS musically is mixing all kinds of rockstyles, including classic 80s Popmetal, Euro Power Metal, Melodic Rock, modern Rock, Progrock, some Industrial Metal. Rockballads “Just one day” and “So far away” are very catchy and super melodic. Neon Gas also has a sort of HIM/LOVEX/TO DIE FOR/CHARON kinda dark melodic rock approach, especially during a song like “With you alone” and do I hear some GUNS’N’ROSES during “Alienator” (Terminator déjà-vu?). Evan is a very good singer by the way, reminding me a lot of Tobias Sammet of EDGUY/AVANTASIA mixed with a little MICHAEL SWEET of STRYPER, DEE SNIDER of TWISTED SISTER, SEBASTIAN BACH of SKID ROW and some bits and pieces of THEOCRACY, so all together he sounds like a sort of semi-Metal God! (Points: 8.4 out of 10)”

“it's not a schizophrenia that makes your head spin but more akin to multiple personalities marching like soldiers on parade. The best example is the first track "Chemical Marketplace" which opens with a fast build-up of layers from a drums alternating bars while dueting with a simple two note guitar riff to a touch of distortion to a chorused scream leading into a juggernaunt that sets the stage for the rest of the album as the listener never knows what to expect next with ERS while the energy never lets up. Further, ERS uses the full range of his voice from talking to screaming & while he might rely on the verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus standard format subtle changes in singing never let the songs get boring or predictable.”

“if Axl Rose and Layne Staley had a baby, that demented boy would have a voice on par with Saffer; wily and nasal yet dark, pained, and very, very twisted. Neon Gas, as a whole, safely breaks away from his previous project to explore a more polished sound with a full chorus on several of the tracks. As a self-proclaimed rock opera, Evan collects a kaleidoscope of genres and melds theatrical vocals that conjure up glimpses of a grandiose stadium rocker, peppered with cascading metal guitar riffs in Chemical Marketplace and Dream of Love’s Last Dying Breathe. In fact, I can clearly imagine the likes of Ville Valo of H.I.M. taking the stage as Evan’s antagonist if this were to ever be adjusted for Broadway. I’m going to be sorely disappointed if there isn’t at least some pyrotechnics in the coming tour. On the second breathe, you notice the simplistically soul shaking, nearly grunge qualities in, With You Alone, which reverberate with Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

“Neon Gas has balls, character, depth, and an edge that is impossible to manufacture. The songs are catchy, adrenaline dripping gems, with meticulously sculpted melodies matched with hard hitting lyrics. There is something very rock-opera like about the album, as each song seems to move to the next with a definitive purpose. Yes. Neon Gas has every element in place to ignite a luscious, raucous audible experience. It is a testament that rock and roll will never die, so long as we speak the truth, indulge in excess, wrestle with insanity, and play with fire. Put it on. Turn it up...you’ll see. REVIEWED BY LYNN SHER LYNN’S FAVE TRACKS: “Chemical Marketplace” • “With You Alone” • “Alienator””

“January 4, 2011 Evan Russell Saffer “Neon Gas”By: Eric Vellone Being a music review writer and hearing all sorts of music, I come across some truly tremendous bands. Sometimes I feel like when I hear an album, the band will put some “not so good” songs in there simply to fill their album. You know what I mean, songs that you skip simply to get to the good ones. When I heard the album “Neon Gas” by Evan Russell Saffer I was completely blown away. This is one album that I can honestly say is so astronomical it is difficult to put into words. Evan is not somebody that can just write some good songs; his vocal talent is so versatile that I can imagine seeing him live while listening to the album. The song “Chemical Marketplace” was (in my opinion) the best song to lead this album. It is so full of energy it made me feel like I just ran five miles. After hearing the song I literally sat back and thought to myself “What the hell just happened”?”