Evan Palazzo / Press

"The style of play on this masterpiece reminds me of the greats: Nat King Cole, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Ray Charles. If you like jazz...this album is a must have!!!"

“Where has this guy Evan Palazzo been? He has a jazz band called The Hot Sardines. They're a complete entertainment package -- lady singer, tap dancer, everything it seems except a fire eater and a sword swallower... They must be a whole lotta fun in person.”

“A cool example of some old time Stride Piano by Evan Palazzo. probably one of the hardest types of piano playing around because you left hand is bouncing all around and carries the rhythm. Ragtime was the precursor to Stride, and both have influenced the blues.”

“In Palazzo's case, some nice piano playing, as well”

"Immense delight of having discovered this CD and performer. "Finding His Stride" captures the lyrical sound and the energy of some classic earlier tunes. I fell in love with this CD."