Shane Sawyer & The Usual Suspects / Press

“It seems like whatever Genre of music someone first hears you doing, that's the label they'll stick on you as an Artist. This is a real problem if you happen to be an Artist that likes more than one Genre. All I can say is, that if I'm listening to or playing Country Music, I don't want it sounding like Pop, Rock or anything other than Hard Core Stomped Down, Hope To Die "Make Merle Proud" Country. Todays country is a mixed bag. Some good, some bad, but almost none of it really honest to God Country. I feel the same way about Rock or Blues. If I want Rock, I WANT ROCK DAMN IT! I don't want Country Twang mixed in with it. Shane Sawyer delivers Pure Country, Texas Blues, and Rock, Not some bastardised hermaphrodite pseudo Genre. He is in the process of fighting his way back from chronic illness, and is now re-entering the Music Business. working on a country CD, and a Christian Country CD due out in 2012. 'Till then, he'll be Keepin' it Real (Real Country!)”

J. Pierpont Finch - Strolling Bones